Raid the Refrigerator Without Losing Your Cool with LG InstaView

Okay, so as most of you already know I am a big fan of Best Buy, the Geek Squad and shopping there. A few days ago hubby and I went in-store to have my laptop upgraded to a solid state drive. Doing so will provide faster, better performance. I can do my blogging task and more with less hassle. No more lagging or loud fan to distract me. After booking my computer, we went for a quick in the appliances aisle to check out LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator. We currently have a GE and have yet to replace it although the ice maker is already malfunctioning. Obviously, we are in the market for a new one.

Both of us were raised to be well aware that opening your refrigerator over and over wastes electricity. That right there is a fact. How so? Because when you open your fridge, the cold air escapes and the temperature changes. Making your fridge work its way to return the temperature that will maintain freshness. This is the problem that LG InstaView aims to resolve.

LG InstaView

LG InstaViewPIN IT!

LG InstaViewPIN IT!

LG’s InstaviewKnock Twice” feature is absolutely amazing! This immediately captured our interest as it features a sleek glass panel on the right side which lights up with two quick knocks allowing a quick peek inside without ever opening the door. No more letting the cold air escape. Just like that and we can raid the contents of the fridge.

Not only that, most items that we always reach in for are stored in the front. This is where the door-in-door feature comes handy too! From drinks to snacks, as well as other miscellaneous stuff. Aside from its sleek, distinctive style, it is also fingerprint resistant and built (as well as designed) to be energy efficient. LG made sure to keep everything in mind how us consumers use our fridge and even provided ample space to store and organize food conveniently.

LG InstaView Features

LG InstaView Door-in-DoorPIN IT!

LG InstaView Door-in-DoorPIN IT!

LG InstaView Door-in-DoorPIN IT!

Ready to find out more about the LG InstaView Refrigerator? Check it out at »

or visit a local branch in your area! Let me know if you have any questions! xo

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