Revive Your Lifeless, Brittle Hair with L’Oréal Paris Elvive

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of L’Oréal® Paris Elvive. The opinions and text are all mine.

In my years of blogging as a beauty enthusiast, there’s one thing I can’t stress enough –our hair is our crowning glory. It is our hair that frames our face after all. Truth be told, whenever I get bored with my “look” or feel like I need a “change” all I have to do is switch up my hairstyle, and everything in the world is right again. When I feel down and need extra pampering, I’d visit the salon, have my hair colored, and I am good to go!

That is why throughout the years my hair has undergone various chemical treatments such as coloring, bleaching, perming and the likes. In addition to that, my hair is continuously subjected to various heat styling methods regularly. I never really paid much attention to it as I was more concerned with maintaining my appearance.

Obviously, I failed to notice that it is through these repetitive methods that I am damaging my hair further. With all honesty, I barely noticed how unhealthy my hair has been even after the winter season. We know that winter can be harsh not just to the skin but most especially to our hair, particularly to damaged hair like mine. But that didn’t really stop me from going back to my old ways come summer time. I’m quite the explorer and tend to try bold stuff without hesitation.

L'Oreal ElvivePIN IT!

When I underwent IVF therapy, got pregnant, and up until now that I am breastfeeding, I took a rest from all the hair treatments to keep my baby safe. While I know it is quite far-fetched, I was hoping that with my hiatus, the damage to my hair would somewhat get reversed. Sadly, the cold weather (and most especially my hormones!) made my hair even more lifeless and prone to breakage.

L’Oréal Paris ElvivePIN IT!

Well, no one wants dull, dry, and lifeless hair, so it’s about time I do something. Thankfully, L’Oreal® came to my rescue! If you are wondering how I brought my over-processed, damaged hair back to life, I took L’Oréal Paris Elvive hair test to determine which products I needed to go from damaged to healthy hair. My diagnostic test revealed that I am at level 3 and will need the Protein Recharge as well as the Extraordinary Oil Treatment. What made things much easier is that these products are conveniently available at our local CVS store.

Take the test here »



First and foremost of all, let me be crystal clear –the L’Oreal Elvive Protein Recharge is ahh-mazing! If I didn’t experience it myself, I wouldn’t believe it’s possible. This leave-in treatment boosts the strength and flexibility of the hair and in just 1 use my hair immediately felt stronger and healthier. What used to be stretchy strands prone to breaking looks and feels so much better. What I totally love is that it also reduces the risk of hair breakage by 97%. Now, I can use any styling tool and still be protected up to 450-degrees of heat.

As far as the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment, I am impressed that this lightweight oil can deliver 10x nourishment in just one drop. After applying, my hair felt silky smooth, looked shinier, and it made my hair smell amazing too! Alas, I finally got to bid my split ends goodbye too. One drop goes so far that I don’t have to saturate my hair over.

While the L’Oreal Elvive Damage Erasing Balm wasn’t included in my test result, I’ve decided to add it to my arsenal too, and I am so glad I did! This rinse-out hair mask helped revived my brittle hair. After one quick wash with this balm, my hair feels hydrated and less dry. Believe it or not, all I did was just leave it on my hair for 3 minutes and rinse!

L'Oreal ElvivePIN IT!

L'Oreal ElvivePIN IT!

Thanks to L’Oréal Paris Elvive products, my hair is back to its healthy and bouncy state (even with the hormonal issues!). And the best thing about these? They are very affordable! I don’t have to break the bank just to restore my hair which I truly appreciate.

Ready to revive your hair too? I highly encourage checking out CVS and L’Oreal’s in-store peel and reveal event between 3/8 to 3/11. Find out which one of the top 700 participating stores are near you here.


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  • Jessica Taylor

    My hair is so damaged from years of heat, so I am always willing to try a good hair care system. I have used Loreal in the past, but haven’t tried any of their newer products. I can’t wait to visit my local CVS for this. Thanks!

  • bryanna skye

    it’s fabulous what some TLC can do for your hair — I love leave in treatments, and use hair oils every few days to keep my hair healthy

  • Amber Myers

    I need to try this out! Your hair looks fabulous. I’ll have to check out CVS soon.

  • Candy

    Time to bring our winter hair out into the sunlight. Lorel always has wonderful product

  • robin rue

    I have always loved L’Oreal products. I have been using them for most of my life and will continue to do so.

  • MaLee @ This Blue Dress

    My hair gets damaged from dying and styling, also! This is a product I will definitely have to try after reading your review.

  • Alison Rost

    I love that you go through a hair test to determine what your hair needs. This is definitely something that I don’t mind doing.

  • Kelly @ Xterraweb

    These products sound amazing. I like that there is a test to determine which products your hair needs. I’ll have to check these products out. How long did it take for you to notice changes?

  • Jeanette radmall

    Loreal has been a go to brand for years for me! I love how you captured the essence of their brand!

  • Vanessa Palma

    I have a CVS trip planned this weekend. I will be checking this out because I need some help with my damaged hair.

  • Sara Welch

    This stuff is the real deal. I have got to try this out ASAP.

  • Kita Bryant

    My hair is begging for this stuff. The winter was tough on it!

  • rebecca | AAUBlog

    the damage erasing balm sounds like the kind of thing that I need in my life! Love that it is such an affordable range too

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I bought the shampoo, conditioner, and tub of conditioner. I really need to pick up the other products, because even after a week of use, I can’t tell a difference in my hair.

  • Laura Dove

    You have gorgeous hair! I love Elvive products, I’ve been using them for years now and they leave my hair feeling really strong and smooth!

  • Lisa

    I have used a few products from Loreal and am always surprised by how well they do. Off to take the test now.

  • Joanna Bayford

    I definitely need better treat meant for my hair I love l’oreal products for my hair but never done the hair test befor3 definitely something I’m going to do now.

  • Sue Tanya Mchorgh

    I love the L’oreal brand. I have never tried L’ORÉAL PARIS ELVIVE before but i would love to try it after reading your review. I have brittle hair so i will try to see how it works for me.

  • Aashima

    I’ve been looking for some good hair care products. This does sound like something i would wanna try out. The products look great.

  • Deepika


  • Jeanette

    My hair could definitely use this. It is brutal it is also got split ends everywhere and I know it is not healthy. I will have to try this and see how it works on my hair.

  • Nikki

    This looks like it would do wonders for my hair post partum. That’s when my hair gets really dry and brittle. Will definitely be checking this brand out in a few months.

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I know someone who does a lot of different things to her hair that involve chemical processing. It sounds like this could really help someone who has damaged hair from the treatments they get.

  • Jessica Joachim

    I love shopping at CVS! I just cut like 6 or more inches off of my hair and I need some new products now. I need ot hit up CVS and check some out soon

  • Karen Morse

    I LOVE taking good care of my hair! I’ve heard so many things about this line from L’Oreal and I’m pretty sure I’m missing out by not trying it!

  • Cherishingflo

    Sounds like a great product. Does it work with all hair types? Cause… there’s a CVS right down the street and I’ll head there right now lol

  • Meeta

    I am never sure with L’oreal products and it is always good to have someone test and recommend the products. Keen to try the oil treatment.

  • Sondra barker

    these look like great products. i will definitely give them a try.

  • katy (what katy said)

    I’ve started use Elvive recently and my hair is the best condition it has ever been in I think! I have been recommending it to all my friends!

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like a super product! You’d be appalled at my dreadlocks, I think, lol! Your hair is just beautiful!

  • Rebecca Smith

    I love L’Oreal Elvive products but hadn’t seen these – will definitely have to give them a try

  • Farrah less

    Loreal products has a good selections for any types of hair. I like how they continue improving their brand through the years. You have a gorgeous hair by the way! 🙂

  • Amanda

    My hair has a really rough time in the winter with the dryness and what not, so I am always looking for ways to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Will definitely try out these L’Oreal products!

  • Elizabeth O

    This looks like a great product. I am glad it helped to restore your hair quickly and on an affordable budget. L’oreal is a great brand.

  • Lynne Harper

    I have always been a huge fan of L’oreal from my hairdressing days. A really good affordable brand that does exactly what its supposed to

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    Totally agree with you when you say that your hair is your crowning glory! Having my hair done always perks up my mood when I am feeling down. I personally use LOreal products and can vouch for it.

  • Rhian Westbury

    I’ve used a lot of Loreal elvive products as they’re always such great value in the shops x

  • Anchal

    I have loved this since a long time. It does tame my hair beautifully 🙂 This is the best brand for hair products

  • Esme Sy

    My friend also said the same “3-minute” thing and I was able to see it myself. This Elvive series will be a welcome arsenal for me. I’m so glad L’oreal never fails to give us quality haircare products!

  • Alaina Monster

    I hear you with the hormones and seasons taking a toll on your hair. After baby #4 and a brutal winter … my hair needs help.
    I’ll be checking out this line for sure!

  • Annie William

    I will have to give this product a try! I am loving the sound of it!

  • Jeanelle

    L’Oréal is actually a great product for my hair and my skin

  • Ching

    I was seriously just thinking this morning that I may need to cut my hair. Whenever it gets too long, it gets really doll-hair like dry! This dry, Vegas weather doesn’t help much either. Is the peel and reveal event a discount off these products? I’m going to give this a try! !

  • Carol Cassara

    I feel like my hair needs a little more love and care. I think this is great. I’d love to know what products to use to take better care of my hair!

  • Dee Jackson

    Your skin looks amazing. I never really gave L’Oreal products a try but maybe I should.

  • Wendy Polisi

    I haven’t heard of this product yet. I love the brand so I would love to try the product, naturally!

  • Maria Carbone

    My poor hair could use a bit of a boost. This weather the past two months has really done a number on it!

  • Joanna

    I don’t think I have ever used any of the L’Oreal hair care ranges. I am impressed as well reading about the hair oil that nourishes but doesn’t leave the hair greasy or heavy, as most of the others do.

  • The London Mum

    Oh wow, I need to do this hair test. My hair really confuses me and I never really understand what it needs

  • Lyosha

    I love hair oils as well! I haven’t been using L’Oreal products for ages, need to check them again soon

  • Dogmomseanna

    hmmm i havent tried loreal hair care before. i tend to stick with some more natural products for my hair. i also try to not put heat on it. i have thin hair already so i want to take care of it. i might try to conditioner

  • Karissa @WithOurBest

    This is what I need! My hair used to be so healthy and strong! I don’t know what happened to it! I need some reviving!!

  • Journa Ramirez

    I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about L’oreal. I am sure it is very effective and anyone will love it!

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    These products sound perfect for my daughters hair. I will have to look for them the next time I am shopping.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    Thanks for sharing this L’oreal product. I am planning to switch into L’oreal products for my skin care. I will definitely give this a try.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I’ve been using the L’Oreal … ack I honestly can’t think of the name but it’s in the blue bottles – and I’ve been loving it! I ran out 2 weeks ago, so I might have to grab this set next to try!

  • Yuli armstrong

    What a great write up! I love the bathrobe pictures! I haven’t done anything at all to my hair in over 2 years! Same, being pregnant and breastfeeding. But she’s all good and weaned now probably time to do something.

  • LAVANDA Michelle

    Whenever I go to CVS or Walgreens, I always look if they have some killer sales in hygienic products! Great work.

  • Melanie williams

    I so could do with a new hair routine! I may have to buy these when I go shopping tomorrow x

  • Kara

    My hair does not like this weather and is quite dry and brittle. I have not tried this brand but will look it out when I next go shopping

  • Claudia Krusch

    I love Loreal! Love your pictures and your tips! I can’t wait to use them!


    I needed this recommendation so much! After having three kids and running my own business as a single mom…. I need all the help I can get at keeping my hair healthy easily! Thank you.

  • Tara Pittman

    Your hair looks wonderful. I need to try this product as my hair is dry from coloring it.

  • Anosa

    One thing I am bad at maintaining is my hair so I often go to my hairdresser to fix it but it’s been breaking lately so I need to reassess

  • Claire

    Wow, great product!! I’m not sure we have this in the UK? Do you know? My hair could do with it!

  • Candice Nikeia

    They have been coming out with so many amazing new products lately! I have to try this one asap! I love the idea of a protein revival for my hair!

  • Amber Stanfield

    You are 100% right that hormonal changes can wreak havoc on our hair! I breastfed my daughter and I always say that she sucked all the good things right out of me (but it went to her, so thats ok! LOL). Loreal makes such high quality products, and your hair looks so silky and smooth!

  • Nicolette LAFONSECA

    I always love how my hair smells.after a leave in treatment

  • Sarah Bailey

    I am most definitely in need of trying this – my poor hair has been badly neglected over the years. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for it.

  • tiffany yong

    I’ve tried the oil before too and it works pretty well. I haven’t tried the erasing balm nor the recharge though, so will definitely go try it out if it’s available in Singapore!

  • Mommy Rockin' In Style

    This is very timely since I am looking for new products to try. Recently, I noticed that my hair needs some TLC. Will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing dear.

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