5 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill to Save Money

From dealing with military deployments, overseas work orders to now having to balance life amid a pandemic, it sure is quite scary and unsettling, especially when your other half is also a First Responder. There’s no guarantee of what the day could bring. All we can do is prepare and be as careful, and that’s just about it.

Here’s the thing though, even during this tough and trying time, life doesn’t stop. Life goes on, and so do our responsibilities chores, bills, and even raising kids while balancing a budget. Don’t we all wish to catch a break? Except, a lot of people are also losing their source of income or yet their side hustle. It sure doesn’t make things easier and quite an awful twist to add to the situation.
Just like everyone else, our family looked for ways we can save money and cut back on our expenses. That’s when we took a closer look at our monthly phone bill and figured out a way to save with T-Mobile.

If you’re in the same boat and would love to discover how you too can start saving, read on ahead for some surprising yet SUPER EASY tips!

1. Check Your Plan – While most of us think we have the “best plan” and coverage, more often than not, it isn’t the case. Sure, all major providers offer unlimited data, unlimited text messaging, and whatnot. BUT the bigger question that is not being asked is “what are you getting for your money in that unlimited plan?”, “Do you get tons of free extras?” “Could you be paying less for the same benefits or even better benefits?” “Are taxes and fees included or separate?”, etc. Do you feel like you’re not getting the most bang for your buck? Then it might be time to look into a different plan or a different carrier altogether like T-Mobile.

2. Utilize Additional Discounts

    ● Employee Discount – This, by far, is one of the most underutilized options to cut back on the monthly cost. What may seem like a small deduction in one month quickly adds up to the overall savings when you look into the total yearly savings that you end up not paying. Another takeaway is that this discount also stacks up to other promotional savings or offers (ex: Autopay).

    ● Age Discounts – Getting older has its benefits. Did you know you can get a pretty sweet discount if you flash your ID showing you are 55 or older at T-Mobile? For customers that are aged 55 or older, the Unlimited 55+ plan offers two lines for just $70/month with taxes and fees included (*on Autopay)and you get great benefits like 5GB of data in Mexico and Canada included too.

    ● Military and Veteran – All major providers have discounts to help take care of our service members. At T-Mobile, they have 50% off family lines making a family of four ONLY pay for $100/month, with a Netflix subscription and taxes and fees included!

    ● First Responders – All major providers offer first responder discounts and plans. T-Mobile’s first responder plan is similar to its military discount and is their way of giving back to our community.

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3. Affordable Devices with Top of the Line Specs – Nowadays, you don’t need to break the bank to get a great phone with all the essentials you need. It may not have ALL the bells and whistles, but it will be VALUE friendly option to staying connected wherever you are.

4. Protect Your Phone – Having a reliable screen protector and a protective case from the get-go might be more upfront, but it will save you big bucks in the long run. Ensuring your phone is safe from minor drops, thuds, and even a little bit of splash makes a difference for keeping your device in an excellent working condition. At the end of the day, it is more cost-effective, and you can even get a screen protector and case for just under $50 dollars!

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5. Confirm if taxes and fees are included – When opening a new line or starting a new service with a new provider, most customers don’t pay enough attention as far as what their plans include. Not knowing the breakdown of your coverage also applies to hidden extra fees that eventually stack up and add to the overall monthly expense. To start saving, it is best to take a second look in your coverage for the following:

    ● Hidden taxes and fees: Surprisingly enough, additional monthly taxes and charges can rack up to $70 a year on average. For a family of four, this would be an additional $280 per year added to their month to month expense! To save, it is crucial to have a plan that includes taxes and fees already in its advertised price like T-Mobile Magenta. Doing so results in no bill surprises on your wireless plan every month.

    ● 5G Inclusion: Having access to 5G shouldn’t result in a higher monthly bill. It also doesn’t mean having to pay for the most expensive plan to get it. With T-Mobile, all of their data plans include nationwide 5G access at no extra charge.

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With these five tips, you are on your way to saving! However, if your carrier isn’t offering you much of a wiggle room, it might be best to look into switching to the Un-carrier. Start with price comparison, and you’ll find the benefits of choosing T-Mobile, along with their freebies, and award-winning customer service is more than everything that you need to help you save hundreds of dollars a year.


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  • Brianne

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips! We have a family of five, and every one of us has a cell phone. It’s so expensive!

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    I will have to look into these discounts. I do like saving money

  • Lisa Joy Thompson

    These are great tips. My husband and I were just talking about this today! He’s planning on calling our cell phone provider this week to see if we can get our bill lowered!

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    All the tips are valid. A great reminder to go through this list to see if we can further cut our phone bill.

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    These are great tips. Monthly cell phones business are expensive. I need to make sure my employee discount is in effect. Thank you!

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    You definitely make some great points here. Looking at the fine print and realizing how much your monthly commitment really is can make a big difference over the year. Given the level of competition around these days, it really does pay to look closely at the detail. From your research, it certainly looks like T-Mobile has a lot to offer.

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    Sometimes, it’s also worth just asking if there is a way to lower your bill. The provider might be nice that day and help out!

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    Thanks – my company pay for all my phone charges so I do not need to reduce them so far. interesting to see the tips.

  • Toni

    Really awesome tips! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  • Marie Phillips

    We have done everything we can do to make our phone bill lower. The first thing we did was get rid of Verizon. That alone cut our bill in less than half. And our service didn’t decrease, but our customer service is now amazing. And our phone bill is less than half what it was.

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    some sensible ideas here. I need to stop using messenger when out of wifi and use text instead.

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    These are helpful tips to consider. My husband and I have both been on our parents’ plans for quite some time out of convenience, but we’d love to be on a plan together. We’ve been doing some research and it was good to hear your perspective on T-Mobile.

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    These are great tips! I recently bought a new phone and by shopping around I got an upgraded phone and I am now spending less money a month on my phonebill!

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    For me I find it cheaper to get a sim only contract and pay for the phone separately, rather than doing it all at once. But also limiting how much data I use on apps has helped me reduce that x

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    Some great tips here! I once droped my phone and had my screen crack. Ever since then I have always made sure I have a screen protector to keep it save from scratches or lower the impact of damage if I drop my phone.

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