Tips to Make Your Home Bright and Cozy this Holiday

With the holidays coming up, is your home ready? Just like most people I know, I genuinely enjoy redecorating our house to suit the occasion, event, and the holidays. As a busy new mom to our son Josiah King, I have learned how to decorate without breaking the bank. Obviously, we have to prioritize bills and other expenses, so I have to make do with a limited decorating budget.

Aside from reusing old decors, what I usually do is look for the best deals I can get in the market. Speaking of best deals, I have just finished rounding up some outstanding finds our home could use to make it bright and cozy. Which is also why I am excited to share all about it just in time for y’all to snag it and add it to yours. On top of that, I will be providing some tips too on how to make your home holiday ready effortlessly.

1. Keep Your House Clean “Round-the-Clock”
We all know that during holidays, most of us visit our friends and families. Unexpected guests are here and there, so it is advisable to keep your home clean at all times. For those who have kids at home, I know it is almost impossible to keep it clean 24/7 unless you have a housekeeper who would do the cleaning all day long –which if I may add is not as practical especially if you’re on a budget too! With that being said, the idea of having one is really nice. If you’re still wishful thinking to get the tidying and cleaning up without you sweating things out … WISH GRANTED!!! Fortunately, I discovered a product that will help us mommies to lessen the cleaning. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce, the ECOVACS DEEBOT 900. Or in our household, we call her the “Rosie” of our family and she is by far the best robot vacuum we have ever known. If you’ve watched “The Jetsons” you’d know who Rosie is. She is the robotic maid who takes care of the Jetsons.


DEEBOT 900 is a flagship product of ECOVACS. DEEBOT is a robotic vacuum that can clean with little to almost no effort. How is it possible? Well, DEEBOT is a smart vacuum that can be controlled by an app where you can command it to do the cleaning alone. All you have to do is download the ECOVACS app, and you are good to go. You can control it to clean anytime, anywhere with just one click. You can also set schedule the cleaning which I find really amusing and helpful.

For a mom to a one-year-old who loves to put everything in his mouth and seems to spot every little speck and debris in our house, this is an absolute lifesaver –literally! Trust me, Josiah King is like a meticulous housekeeper because he doesn’t miss anything. Which is also why I love that the DEEBOT is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon because I can control it using my voice. Need an instant clean-up? Simply give the command, and we’re done! Talk about seamless cleaning, right?


ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 is available at Target near you, or at ECOVACS official website. It has a special offer this Cyber Monday, where you can avail the DEEBOT 900 at 100% off at participating retailers.

2. Make Your House Smell Good with Scented Candles
Kids at home can bring unwanted scent (or smell) from playing outdoors and even bringing home some “goods” (rock, plant, stick, stray animal or bug, etc.). When this happens, cleaning up is the best thing to do but let’s admit one thing here, sometimes we are too swamped to handle it immediately. I can only imagine how many times I will have to go through with this when Josiah King is a bit older. As they say, boys will be boys, and I am not sure how ready I am to be surprised with something like a “swampy pet stone” or even a frog … ugh!

chesapeake bay candlePIN IT!

One trick that I have learned to lessen such foul odors is to fill the house with scented candles. For me, scented candles serve two purposes. To give the house a pleasant smell and to serve as a chic decoration. One of my favorite scented candles is from Chesapeake Bay Candle.

Chesapeake Bay CandlePIN IT!

Chesapeake Bay CandlePIN IT!

Pumpkin Latte Small Jar Candle by Chesapeake Bay Candle has scents that are perfect for the holidays. I l truly enjoy that Chesapeake Bay Candle has the aroma of praline, pecans, and pumpkin frosting fills plus the facts that it is made of soy wax blend which gives that nice, clean burn. I also adore the minimalist packaging which pairs perfectly with any home decor. Order yourself a Pumpkin Latte Small Jar Candle through Amazon.

3. Replace Your Linens
Nothing beats the comfort of your own bed. With that being said, your bed needs a makeover too! Aside from your own, I recommend replacing your guest bedroom’s linens also because you don’t know when to expect visitors during the holidays. If you want to achieve maximum comfort, I recommend Luxe Hardcore Sheet bundle from Brooklinen. It is a luxury sheet that is way too cheaper than other luxury linens that you can find in the market.

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet BundlePIN IT!

Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle is Brooklinen’s premium set that will satisfy you when it comes to comfort, quality, and design. What I honestly like with Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle is that you are allowed to mix-and-match your own set. It has different styles and colors that are perfect for those who want to experiment wishes to mix-and-match. The bundle includes a duvet cover and two extra pillowcases in a buttery-smooth 480 thread-count weave.

Connected Home Best BuyPIN IT!

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet BundlePIN IT!

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet BundlePIN IT!

You can get your Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle online, and get it delivered to your home. You can use my code (angelar20) to receive $20 off at any orders of $50 or more. This offer is valid until December 31, 2018.

4. Level Up Your Lighting
Give your room a whole new look by having colored lights as an addition. White and yellow lights are so standard, why not experiment a little and dare to make a change? A shade of blue can be so relaxing, while a little bit of red is great for watching tv. This looks like a lot of light bulbs is needed but did you know that you can have all the colors with just one wireless lighting bulb? Yes, you read it right. Introducing, the Element Color Plus 2pk Kit and Element Color Plus from Sengled.

Sengled Element Color Plus 2pk kitPIN IT!

Element Color Plus light bulb has over 16 million hues, giving you endless options of colors that will suit your taste. All you need is the Element Color Plus light bulb and the Sengled Home app. With this Smart light bulbs installed in your home and the app on your smartphone, you can swiftly control the lights, change the colors, and set schedules anywhere and anytime you want. The Element Color Plus is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, SmartThings and plenty of other apps. Safety is always on top of my priority, so the scheduled lights are beneficial to ward off possible intruders even when I am not at home. Another impressive feature is that it can dance with the beat of the music if you use the Sengled Pulse App and the Solo Color Plus.

Use This Light Bulb as an Alternative Speaker For Your Echo Dot

Sengled Element Color PlusPIN IT!

Sengled is offering an awesome Black Friday deal if you buy an Echo device, you get Element Classic 2 pk A19 for $10 (at 12:01am PT) Available until 12/31. They also have a special offer this Cyber Monday, where you can avail Echo Dot v2/v3, and Echo v2 bundle with Element Classic 2 pack kit.

5. Give Your Drawers and Shelves a New Look
Another proven trick to create a brand new look is to give your drawers and shelves a makeover. The best way to freshen up your kitchen shelves and cabinet is by using shelf liners. Aside from the fact that it is affordable, you should also consider shelf liners because there’s plenty of patterns that you can choose from. So creating a holiday theme is super easy. With this, I recommend the Smooth Top Easy Liner Shelf Liner because it is minimal, clean and bright.

Smooth Top Easy Liner Shelf LinerPIN IT!

Smooth Top Easy Liners are non-adhesive liners that have a flat surface for easy cleaning. It also has a non-slip grip bottom so it can stay in place no matter what. It is easy to cut, install, and replace if ever you feel like changing it every time you like to change your theme. Smooth Top Easy Liners are machine washable too, so you don’t have to worry when it comes to cleaning it.

6. Christmas Tree
It will never be complete without the highlight – the Christmas Tree. I like my Christmas tree to look real. That’s why I always give time to look for the best real-looking tree that suits my budget and taste. From there, I discovered Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Galvanized Bucket by Northlight from Christmas Central.

Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas TreePIN IT!

This Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Galvanized Bucket comes with a very realistic PE branches that are beautifully decorated with snow. Christmas Central is well-known for its quality seasonal home decors and is trusted by designers all over the world. Choosing this Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is undoubtedly a great decision.

With these tips, you can be sure that your home is ready to welcome guest, family, as well as friends!

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