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Blogging had always been an outlet for me to express myself. Through the years I have learned so much and improved my techniques, skills as well as broaden my reach. My passion for Fashion and Beauty is reflected through my editorial write-ups and photography. All of which played a big role to get me and my blog to where it is now today. As an influencer I managed to get awesome perks from product reviews and even paid gigs such as advertisements.

Back then blogging isn’t as well known as it is now. To date, consumers rely on online reviews from their trusted bloggers before making a purchase. As a matter of fact, bloggers even get to persuade readers and possible consumers to make a purchase from a product they feature. Magazine and commercial advertising isn’t dead, but it just isn’t as effective as it used to be. Having real people (and not paid actors) with real output or say on a product have a great overall impact.

Our generation have gone a long way and produced great outlets for both brand and influencers alike. MediaPlug is an open marketplace that connects brands to relevant influencers that can deliver content for their targeted audience. No middle man and no hidden fees. It is free to join and to discuss opportunities (briefs). Brands only pay a small fee on top of each deal/collaboration. Influencers will only pay the applicable paypal fees.

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For Brands this is a big time-saver for having influencers get matched for their target audience (topics, age, location, gender). Payment is easy and can be done with a credit card or through paypal. Once an agreement is made for a proposed activity and price quote, Brands are required to make an upfront payment. Payments are then secured through the MediaPlug system and won’t be released to the influencer until the job is confirmed to be completed and the brand chooses to release the payment.

Influencers with their reach can now earn money from doing what they love to do … talk about products, share their reviews as well as perspective while making money. Opportunities vary from the influencers reach and can receive payments through paypal. Once a job is completed the total amount quoted will be transferred to the influencers’ paypal account.

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MediaPlugPIN IT!

As an influencer I highly value sites like MediaPlug for helping brands as well as startup companies to broaden their reach and find the right influencer for their needs. As a blogger I know it is hard to find an opportunity that matches your niche. From my experience I have been blogging about Fashion and Beauty only to randomly receive an offer for a casino or fertility concept. Even if the offer is promising and tempting I can’t deliver an engaging audience as my usual content is not of the same topic. I love cutting through the chase and having a site I can rely on. With MediaPlug the world of blogging, social networking and advertorials just got so much easier and less complicated. For more details check out MediaPlug’s FAQ.


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