Mental Wellness in Isolation

Hi 👋🏼 it’s been a while. In case you’re new here, I’m Angela. I haven’t made much of an update as of late. A lot of things are going on IRL. It sure feels like nothing is going on, yet everything has changed.

The majority of the world is still trying to adjust to the new norm. How does one cope with being cooped up at home? What about the ones that are frustrated with their bills? How about the parent(s) who have to home school? Then some have lost their jobs too! It’s not a surprise that people are wondering what to do. I have discussed those and quite a few more topics here on the blog in hopes that it helps someone too. But what about you? Are you okay?

When was the last time you’ve given yourself time to think, wind down, pause, breathe, and appreciate even the smallest things? It may not seem much, but it is.

Honestly, I have always been the type to shrug things off. I don’t ever put myself first because my excuse is that I am selfless, and that’s just how much I love my family. That I don’t have the time to waste on myself because I can do more for them if I set my own needs aside.

The hidden truth behind that is that I am also afraid to prioritize myself because I feel guilty. Guilty that I don’t deserve it. Afraid to become a different version of what I am used to that I immediately convinced myself that IF I do so, then I am a bad wife and mother. That right there is my anxiety talking.

Here we are now in the 3rd quarter of the year. This pandemic had us all cooped up. While staying at home is nothing new to me being that I am also an introvert, I also enjoy the quiet. My sanity needs it. So I tend to hide from my kids while sipping coffee in the kitchen. With my anxiety, I feel that I’m a terrible parent. That I am selfish. That I am this and that. You know what? It is what it is, and that’s okay. I am not perfect. I do the best that I can.

If you too feel somewhat defeated on some days or most days, just know that is more than O.K. ♥️ remember, self-love is important also.

another mama in isolation with a toddler and a newborn.


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