Milspouse Dream Job Ideas PLUS a T-Mobile Milspouse Employee Success Story!

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When it comes to being a military spouse, there are so many challenges we face. From solo-parenting for many months, trying to juggle life and family to figuring out how to make ends meet. At the end of the day, most of the pressure comes from trying to figure out how to make some extra cash to support the household.

Personally speaking, what worked best for me is to work from the comforts of our home. The reason for this is that it allowed me to make money no matter where military life took our family. If you’re a military spouse looking for ways to make ends meet freelancing, I am sharing flexible remote job ideas on this post dedicated to military spouses! However, working from home isn’t for everyone and this article will also tell you all about how companies, like T-Mobile, are starting to step up their game in supporting military spouses by creating flexible jobs that offer amazing perks and fit within the military lifestyle.

Flexible Job Ideas for the Military Spouse

Start a Bookkeeping Business
If you’re good with numbers, you can quickly start an online bookkeeping business where you help business owners track their financial records. You don’t have to have an accounting degree to do basic accounting, but you will need to work up a portfolio to showcase your bookkeeping skills before you’re able to really take on a lot of clients. Starting your own bookkeeping business can result in making $60 per hour as a military spouse seeking a flexible job.

Work as a Remote Customer Service Representative
There’s a lot of companies that hire remote customer service representatives who make an hourly rate to work from home. To be a remote customer service representative, you’ll have to go through an application and interview process just like when applying for a regular job outside of the home. For most remote customer service jobs you simply need a stable internet connection, quiet space to work and some specific computer requirements to take inbound calls.

Become a Tutor
Tutoring students from a virtual office has become increasingly popular. Tutoring companies have popped up all over the internet and will hire you to work from home while teaching someone English as a second language, tutor a child for upcoming tests or various subjects without the requirement of a teacher’s degree. Some tutors can earn over $20 per hour, depending on the company’s needs and requirements for each tutoring position.

Manage Social Media
Start working your networking and marketing skills on social media platforms to try to build up a portfolio that showcases your skills. Many bloggers, businesses, and other brands enjoy paying a pro to manage their social media accounts. You can easily create a website with a list of services and samples of your social media growth skills. All you need to start this flexible job idea for the military spouse is a portfolio to showcase your skills and ability to be reliable to build your client’s social media pages.

Work for a Company that Supports the Military Community
Companies are beginning to think more holistically about the entire veteran community when thinking about how to best support employees. Look at T-Mobile, for example. This company has made it known that they have a broad understanding of the dynamics and challenges of a military lifestyle, as well as the importance of hiring veterans and military spouses. This means that aside from providing work and opportunity (committing to hire 10,000 veterans and milspouses by 2023), there’s also room for growth while allowing their employees to relocate when the need arises.

The company has made commitments to supporting employees with their mental health as well, a very important aspect of overall wellbeing. Just this month they made the next step in committing to support the veteran community by listening and learning from them. They helped draft and sign the “Pledge to Prioritize Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace,” which commits to providing workers — veterans and civilians alike — with the services and resources they need to stay mentally fit.

Inspirational Story: Clarissa Logan’s Success as a T-Mobile Customer Experience Manager.
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Clarissa, who is a military spouse, also grew up in a military lifestyle due to her father serving. Below are some quotes she has shared to help inspire her fellow military spouses.

What advice do you have for milspouses looking for a job?
When looking for a job as a milspouse, my advice would be to look for companies that have focus on the military family and Veterans – and have made it known. Make sure you do your homework going on company websites and seeing if the company actively talks about how they support the veteran community. Companies that hold those values tend to have a larger understanding of the challenges of the military lifestyle. I see this active support every day at T-Mobile!

Also, when looking for a specific role, start asking all the questions. For me, it was important to be transparent about relocating, so I asked all about this upfront.

What is the most challenging part about starting your career as a milspouse?
The most challenging part for me was knowing that sometimes work will limit time spent with your spouse. Having a spouse that is active duty and with the possibility of being deployed, or the possibility of them traveling for training, time is very valuable and sometimes rare. On the flip side of that coin, if they are away, having a career is a great way to spend time and a healthy distraction.

How does T-Mobile help support your unique needs as a working milspouse?
T-Mobile has opportunities for me to develop in many areas, whether through new roles or projects at the company. This allows me to enhance my skillset that then allows me to plug into multiple cross-functional teams across the country. From Customer Care sites, Retail Stores, Regional Support and even remote HQ positions. With T-Mobile I know that my career is not restricted because of my unique situation. If anything, it opens up so many doors and opportunities.

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Find out more: “T-Mobile’s Magenta Military Plan Empowers Military Entrepreneurs.

And that’s a wrap! I hope these flexible job ideas dedicated to the military spouse help guide you forward on your mission to make money on the go, no matter where military deployment takes you. Use this list as a resource to start earning money regularly. And don’t forget to look into employers like T-Mobile who offer the flexibility that most military spouses require.


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