Fashion Forward Fur Outerwear for Winter with Mlfurs


Out of all the seasons, winter is the least colorful. But, the festivals and holidays of the season make up for all the cold and white of winter. Instead of bundling up in a heavy black winter coat and trudging down the snow covered streets in bulky galoshes, one can opt for a fashionable outerwear, shearlings and accessories. Some may think of it as a challenge but it truly is possible to add more excitement to the season with fashion-forward clothing and accessories.

One of my highly recommended online sites to shop at is I especially love the way this fur outerwear retailer gives me a more meaningful shopping experience with the assortment of choices they have. The catalogs are easy enough to browse through, giving me page after page of beautiful clothing. On top of my wish list is the Guy Laroche – ranch mink and dyed black calf cashmere cape. This one-of-kind Parisian street style provides great style detail. This functional and comfortable cape is chic and versatile. I can see myself wearing this cashmere cape with jeans and a saucy pair of boots.

Marks-Lloyds Furs

The Mary McFadden silver fox fur bolero is also interesting for a sleek, straight up fur jacket look. Its cross cut shawl collar guarantees a warmer feeling without compromising fashion. This natural silver fox fur jacket is absolutely alluring which makes it perfect for casual dates and gatherings. To top it all, Marks-Lloyds Furs also have great deals on accessories like hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, shawls and so much more. So make sure to check out the rest of their collection.

Shopping for fashion picks in fur outerwear at Marks-Lloyds Furs is very convenient. Once you have picked out the items that you want, you can quickly go through the online checkout cart, make an easy payment arrangement (paypal also accepted) and enter your delivery details. They offer free shipping for all US orders and ships through UPS. Delivery is also fast – you only have to wait a couple of days for your order to get to your doorstep. If a product is needed sooner, an expedited shipping option is available.

10 Responses
  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    March 5, 2015

    My nana just gave me her vintage 1960’s fox fur jacket last month. It’s fabulous.

  • Dawn
    March 5, 2015

    Those are some interesting looking garments. I love the leopard print.

  • Jennifer
    March 5, 2015

    There’s some really cool stuff here. The coats are nice, but I’m totally digging that hat!

  • Courtney
    March 5, 2015

    Some of this looks really great, and I love the convenience of shopping online. Thanks!

  • Aimee Smith
    March 5, 2015

    Wow, these are so beautiful pieces. The photography is gorgeous as well!

  • Liz Mays
    March 6, 2015

    Wow they make a ton of different accessories. This sounds like to the place to go if you are looking for fur clothing.

  • Jenny Temcio
    March 6, 2015

    That jacket looks great on her! I bet fur is extremely warm for the winter.

  • Vera Sweeney
    March 6, 2015

    I had not heard of this store before!! Their fur coats look amazing!!

  • valerie g
    March 6, 2015

    i love that coat in the first pic. I doubt it would look as good on me though lol

  • lisa
    March 7, 2015

    I’m not a fur coat kinda gal, but if I were these look like great coats!

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