Modern Appliances for the Modern Home

We all want to have a house like no other, one that’s comparable to a home makeover show or those featured in magazines. A house that anyone would be so proud to show off at any given time. A home that is completely inviting and can hold parties not just on a professional level, but as well as for relatives and friends. Personally speaking, one of the reasons why I’m working so hard is because I want to be able to have our dream house someday. I want it to reflect my personality and be a place where I’d love to come home to.

Shopping for your home has become easier than ever because of online shopping. No matter what you’re looking for, there will always be a retailer for it. Be it a brick and mortar or through the web. Relying on popular stores and suppliers like Best Buy can provide modern and high-quality products at a reasonable price. I honestly believe we get what we pay for. Whenever I need to upgrade or update our home, I always opt for the most trusted store and follow through during their promotional sales and my favorite time to shop “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” deals.

With all the tech being incorporated into our daily gadgets and lifestyle, it is but inevitable to want to upgrade and enjoy what the latest has to offer. The good thing though, times genuinely have changed our generation for the better. Function and feature no longer compromise quality. Just like the latest exclusive Matte Black stainless steel appliances from LG!

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No matter what design you’re going for, the timeless look of this collection with luxurious stainless steel & low-gloss matte finish would effortlessly compliment any kitchen décor. The best thing about these LG smart kitchen appliances is that it makes life EASIER with its wi-fi and voice-enabled features. It allows its users to control their kitchen appliances remotely.

LG Matte Black AppliancesPIN IT!

For my fellow home décor enthusiast, if you have the budget, I suggest to splurge on your home and buy only the best furniture, appliances, and furnishing. Investing in these is SMART since you’ll be using it for a long time. But if you’re on a limited budget, you can choose to buy one that’s simple but fits right into your décor preference or aesthetic.

Find out more about the LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances here »

Have you visited your local Best Buy store recently? If not, better head over there before you miss out on their awesome deals! You can even save up to $350 on LG kitchen appliances. Let me know if you scored one!

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  • tren

    Whenever we decide to finally settle down in a location (we are military) I told my husband, I want a kitchen similar to the above. It reminds me of a chic modern minimalist home.

  • andrea

    I love the look of this flat black. I have been wanting to change from stainless and this would work perfect in my kitchen

  • Joan

    That’s what I call appliances, looks so sleek and modern I need to buy my home ASAP, still looking.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Your kitchen is so lovely! It is amazing how much appliances are changing and evolving these days and how you can really match them to your room.

  • Candace

    I love buying new gadgets for home. I have google home and a few other cool stuff but I do not have modern appliances on my kitchen. I’m glad that you mentioned black Friday and Cyber Monday, Maybe I can find good deals to get my kitchen started.


  • Fran Jorgensen

    Thank you so much for this great review! I am currently looking for appliances for my kitchen and I can’t believe how much things have changed!

  • Jessica Taylor

    LG appliances are my favorite! I cant wait for black Friday deals!

  • Dwight Alleyne

    I am loving the look of the appliances featured in this article. If I ever plan to upgrade I will definitely consider these options

  • Evelyn Hernandez

    Love the look in black and I am sure they are easier to clean. I have stainless Steel and not easy to keep clean.

  • Alexandra

    Matte black is just such a stylish look! I really like this effect. The photos make me have a little bit of kitchen envy!

  • Casey

    Love the design of this kitchen, wish mine is like this in terms of design and size. Having great mordern applicances will help yu out so much while you focus on other stuff. I just love some of the kitchen applicances are not connected to your phone and they will alarm you when things are done or not.

  • Anonymous

    These are beautiful appliances! I do love LG’s, almost all our home home appliances (including the TV) is LG! But I adore this new range, the black is very modern.

  • Joanna

    When I will buy my own home I will make sure to get smart appliances and have them all connected. I love the idea of a smart home which you can control from your mobile phone.

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I can’t get over how beautiful these appliances look in this modern kitchen. It works well with that backsplash too.

  • Khushboo Motihar

    LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances look stunning and I am glad they that they are affordable. Best buy seems like a great place to pick up appliances.

  • Terri

    I have not been there in a while. We have a new home with new appliances. These appliances are gorgeous. Love the backsplash too!

  • Samantha

    That is a beautiful kitchen! My kitchen is always a hot mess, LOL

  • alison

    I really love the fridge. They are all so modern and sleek in design. Will make any kitchen look like $ million.

  • Emily Fata

    These appliances are GORGEOUS!! I love the way the matte black compliments everything in the room so nicely. great choice for the modern home!

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    i love the look of matching appliances! my next house, we are going this route

  • Lisa

    I don’t live in the US so sadly have no Best Buy near me! I love these appliances however, and wish I had it in my home too!

  • Echo

    I am so excited to redo my kitchen! I already a plan!

  • Charli

    I would love a Smart Fridge – especially one the size of the pictured! I would never have to stack the avocados on top of the ketchup bottle again!
    C x

  • Woodeline

    I love stainless steel appliances. For me they are easy to clean and these black matte appliances look fire!!! I could definitely see them in my home

  • Echo

    The appliances look fantastic. I’m not a fan of black appliances, but would totally do gray or stainless!

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    Once you have chosen the house of your dreams, certainly the appliances can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. The ones you have included here certainly would fit just about any decor and I love the high-tech options available now.

  • Katherine Hackworthy

    The matt black design of these appliances is really smart and a totally different look from any other products. They would be great in either a modern or a classic look kitchen.

  • Rebecca Smith

    Those appliances are all so beautiful and modern! I can’t wait till we move into a new property and can buy some new appliances

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    That looks like a stunning kitchen and I would love to own LG equipment as black is also my favourite colour!

  • Brit Strawbridge

    I loooove these appliances!! We currently have the plastic black appliances and I hate them haha – these look so chic and gorgeous!

  • angel

    wow! voice-activated kitchen appliances? now that’s something else. really, really fancy! i’m learning a lot from this blog 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    These look really great! The matte finish really sets it apart from others like it.

  • David Elliott

    Those do look like some pretty amazing appliances. I do love the black color. If I were to pick anything the stove would be my favorite. I just love the look and I prefer the gas stove.

  • Eileen

    Love the modern style of these appliances. Your home looks amazing!

  • Preet

    This appliances is something that me and my husband would really love. These are really great. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the review.

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    I also tend to appreciate darker and cooler hues when it comes to my decor. Thus, I absolutely love your kitchen! The black LG appliances are just great, from the color to their service. I also tend to appreciate LG products.

  • Neda

    Wow! Those look absolutely stunning, I think they would be worth the splurge.

  • Elizabeth

    Gosh, wouldn’t I love to have a kitchen like that! That matte black is so stylish!

  • Flyingkids

    What a very nice set of appliances you have! Love the touch of modernness on them! This is a very nice share 🙂

  • rhian westbury

    I would like to get smart appliances when the time comes but it’s going to depend on budgets x

  • Laurie Gannon

    I have new stainless steel appliances in my home (I bought it last year) and I love them. However, the matte black trend is GORGEOUS. Now I kind of want to paint my cabinets a soft white and get new appliances… (I won’t because it would be fiscally irresponsible)

  • Rosey

    I like the matte finish. It’s nice for a switch. I’m not a fan of stainless.

  • Alexis

    I wish these appliances also cleaned themselves. We put new appliances in our new home and the fun is gone once they are dirty. 🙂 I love the modern features though, makes life much easier.

  • Jess

    We’re in need of a need refrigerator and the holiday sales coming up are going to be perfect to grab a great deal!

  • Carrie Lewis

    I agree Anela! If you’re going to splurge, do it on the appliances you use everyday. Life is short. This makes it better. Thanks for the great advise.

  • Kara

    I wish my kitchen was big enough for all those appliances – I love the fridge especially

  • Brittany Vantrease

    I love this kitchen! Our’s is a little small, right now, but someday, I hope to have a bigger one with an island and lots of cabinet space and more and more and more.

  • Ana Ojha

    I’m still living a nomadic life but whenever I’ll settle in my life, I’d definitely need this smart kitchen!

  • Debby

    This is a beautiful sleek kitchen. Love the look. I, however, fill my counters with things so mine would never look this fabulous!

  • Surekha Busa

    I can say that this is a great product review. I can say that these LG appliances looks really beautiful and I love their color as it gives a lot of beauty in your kitchen.

  • Ashley Rice

    Best Buy is seriously amazing! We just got a new washer and dryer from there and we are loving them!!

  • Nessa

    Totally in love with this kitchen !! I’m currently house hunting and if I see this one day I buy it in a minute ahahah Loved !

  • Emily Leary

    Wow, that looks like a seriously beautiful, modern and hi-tech set of appliances.

  • Jennifer L

    Oh if i had the budget I would seriously deck my whole kitchen. But I’m seriously in love with the refrigerator in that photo.

  • Cara Cozy

    I love the matte black! It’s so cool!

  • Christa

    I’ve never been a fan of the stainless steel appliance look. This black matte is much more my style! I spend so much time in the kitchen, I need it to function well and look good!

  • Geraline Batarra

    Wow, this is so beautiful and I love the look of black to be added into my kitchen and their modern designs of appliances

  • Frank

    LG is a good brand in my opinion. I’ve used some of their home appliances and they work well! I love the finish on these appliances too!

  • Eva Katona

    These are so good looking, they would make a great addition to any kitchen style, I think!

  • Lili Mila

    These look pretty awesome. Time to update my kitchen. I will definitely keep this in mind when I have the budget.

  • Toughcookiemommy

    I had to have matching appliances when I was remodeling my kitchen. These appliances are amazing and make any kitchen look great.

  • Hola Cheska

    Hello girl! These appliances looks so stylish and delicate. Overall very elegant and clean. I love these kind of styles.

  • Megan

    Wow, these appliances look absolutely fantastic! I’d love these for my kitchen.