Top 15 Must Have Cricut Tools and Supplies for Beginners

So you have a Cricut machine, now what? I’m willing to bet you want to know what the most important Cricut tools to own are. I’m going to answer the question for you today with my list of the top 15 timeless Cricut tools.

Each of the tools I’m featuring today are simply amazing, and a must-have for anyone with a Cricut machine. Sit down and peruse through this list of tools that will help you expand your current Cricut projects so that they’re gorgeous and look professionally made.

Top 15 Timeless Cricut Tools

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1. Basic Tool Set – This convenient set has everything you need to start your Cricut craft projects. The Cricut basic tool set includes five essential tools. The tools included in this basic tool set are; tweezers that help you lift material, weeder to remove negative cuts, micro-tip scissors with a protective blade cover, a spatula to lift projects from your Cricut mat, and a scraper to help clean the mats as well as burnish material.

2. Precision Cutting Kit – Enjoy 3 precision cutting tools with this precision cutting kit bundle in rose color. This beautiful Cricut tool kit helps with projects that use vinyl, paper, thin plastics, canvas, and other projects. Cutting your Cricut crafts is probably one of the more tedious parts of Cricut crafting, but this timeless Cricut tool will ensure you’re more accurate with your cutting.

3. True Control Knife – Get more control when you’re cutting a variety of materials like cardstock, vinyl, canvas fabrics and more when you use this true control knife. A timeless Cricut tool that helps cut through the material the first time.

4. True Control Blades – It’s important to have replacement blades on hand for your Cricut machine. These true control blades include 5 replacement blades for the true control knife I featured above. I know having these extra blades on hand helps ensure I can finish every Cricut craft project regardless of whether or not my current blade gets dull.

5. Rotary Cutter – While the true control knife is perfect for cutting, this rotary cutter can help those who prefer a more circular style blade. This 45 mm rotary cutter can slice through most any material that you’ll use with your Cricut machine. The circular style blade makes it easy for left or right-handed folks to cut through material with ease.

6. Brayer – Making fabric Cricut crafts can be super fun but to make them, you must have this timeless Cricut tool. The Brayer extends the life of your Cricut cut mat and is a must-have for all of you Cricut craft creators out there.

7. Iron-On Protective Sheet – When you’re making iron-on projects, it’s important to protect your Cricut projects from the heat. This iron-on protective sheet is the most essential product to have if you want to disperse heat evenly and not ruin your iron-on project. You can use this with all Cricut iron-on.

8. Heat Resistant Tape – No more worrying about projects slipping around or using tape that’s not meant for high heat. This heat resistant tape will ensure your Cricut craft project stays in place during the transfer process with the ability to resist heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Cricut Easy Press Mat – The Cricut easy press mat is an essential addition to my list of timeless Cricut tools for it helps you have a flawless iron-on process when using the Cricut EasyPress. This mat helps eliminate moisture and shields your work surface from the impact of high heat during the transfer of iron on the Cricut project.

10. Machine Mat Variety Pack – I don’t know about you, but I go through a lot of Cricut mats during my craft making days, that’s why I simply had to share this variety pack. The Machine Mat Variety Pack includes three reusable cutting mats that allow you to always have a good cutting mat for every Cricut project at your fingertips.

11. Infusible Ink Pens – Infusible ink pens are a fun Cricut tool but also a must-have timeless Cricut tool to add to this list. The infusible ink pens do require a compatible infusible ink blank that’s sold separately. These 5 point pens are in the color black to make vibrant transfers that last a long time.

12.Premium Fine Point Blade – This fine-point premium blade includes the housing in gold and is a must-have for all you Cricut machine owners. Having a dull blade or something goes wrong with your Cricut machine blade can suck when you’re in the middle of a project. That’s why I highly recommend you have this timeless tool on hand.

13. Bonded Fabric Blade – This bonded fabric blade and housing is an excellent Cricut blade to have on hand for use with cutting bonded fabric or with iron-on backer. A distinctive pink color that matches with the Cricut FabricGrip Mat.

14. Deep Point Blade – Looking to make magnets with your Cricut machine? Perhaps you want to work on a projected that uses stiffened felt or foam sheets, then this is the blade you need. The Deep Point Blade and housing can cut through thicker materials making it easier to create a Cricut project from beginning to end.

15. Scoring Stylus – 3D projects are all the rage! With this Cricut Storing Stylus, you’ll be able to score your 3D projects, greeting cards, and envelopes as well as other projects that need to be scored with ease. This timeless Cricut tool is for use with the Cricut Explore and Maker machines.

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There you have it, an extensive list of the top timeless Cricut tools you need to get the job done right and correctly the first time around. Each of the Cricut tools featured here today will help you create a project your imagination can think up.


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