Get to Know Your Roots and Ethnic Origins with MyHeritage

A couple of months ago I have shared a round up of gift ideas for Dads and Grads. One of the gift option I have featured is MyHeritage DNA testing kit. In my honest opinion, this by far is one of the most unique surprise one could ever give. Whether it’s for a loved one or a friend. It’s gender neutral too! With occasions and celebration taking place all year-long (on top of the holidays), there’s always a room for this kit to be given away.

Many of us have stories of who our grandparents were even our great grandparents were. This may have given you an idea of your heritage. What many people don’t realize though is that DNA is tricky. Just because your grandmother was half Cherokee doesn’t mean you will be part Cherokee. In other words, you won’t truly know what your DNA is until you have it tested. That’s where comes into play. However, the site has so much more to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the site and what it has to provide.

DNA Testing
Imagine being able to simply swab your cheek, mail in the results, and 4 weeks later not only learn your ethnic background but discover people who share your DNA., DNA Testing is a simple to use test that tells you where you’re from. If you’ve always wondered if you were part Indonesian or part Irish, you’ll finally have the answer.

The test costs only $49 (holidays promotion) making it more affordable than other sites that offer similar services. Once you have your results, you’ll be able to see others who share your DNA.

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DNA Testing Results
Shortly after sending our kit to the lab, we were prompted of the progress and the result in just a few weeks. MyHeritage can be accessed online and through an iOs or Android app. Making it even more easier for users to access their information.

Hubby only knows he is African American. My mother in law back then have shared that they have part Native American in their blood. His test result came back with a whopping 11 ethnicities! We were like WHAT??? Surprising us with a 52% Nigerian and only 17.2% West African.

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As for me, I am half Korean and half Filipina. My obvious dominant trait is my Korean side. Except, my DNA makeup consist of 38.4% Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian. 26.5% Chinese and Vietnamese, plus 35.1% divided into 3 more.

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Family Tree
How far back can you go with your family tree? At MyHeritage, you can start with what you have and use the records on the site to start filling in more of your family tree. The Family Tree feature is free to start using. You can add up to 250 names for free. To gain more access, you can pay $110 per month for the Enhanced Family Tree feature and add up to 2500 through the Premium Plan. If you want to add unlimited family members, it’s $175 per year for the PremiumPlus plan. DNA Testing and the Family Tree option work together to prove who you’re actually related to.

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Another excellent feature of the MyHeritage site is access to billions of records. This includes birth certificates, census records, newspapers, and so much more. The site literally has over 9 billion records. Imagine being able to learn more about your family and where they came from. Access to records cost around $160 per year. You can get The Ultimate Package and get access to all the features of both the Family Tree and the records for $250 a year.

It’s important to note that many of the features offered through the site come with a reduced price for the first year. If you’re interested in learning more about your family, allows you to start learning for free.

If you want to know where you came from, DNA Testing is a must and extremely affordable. This is your chance to learn more about yourself and your family. Use discount code BABBLEBOXX2 at MyHeritage website to get free shipping on your own DNA kit

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