2018 New York Baby Show Recap and My Top 3 Favorites!

The 2018 New York Baby Show was successfully held last May 19-20, 2018 at Pier 94 in New York City. It is where families that are planning to have kids, expectant, as well as new parents, find excellent and innovative baby products and ideas. Fortunately, I was invited to attend the said event and learned so many things. The 2018 New York Baby Show was made possible by the joint effort of the New York Family and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

The event has over hundreds (if not close to a thousand) attendees, mostly new parents and couples who are expecting a baby. I met plenty awesome moms like me too! The 2018 New York Baby Show is the perfect place if you wanted to learn more about parenting and explore wide varieties of trusted baby products that you can use. It is celebrated annually so if you are sad for missing this year’s New York Baby Show, there’s always a next time.

New York Baby ShowPIN IT!

Every year, they organize an awarding program for the Best in Show Awards. The awards include five winners for the primary award and another five winners as an honorable mention. There are also awards for the leading stroller, app, sleep, and monitor in their respective categories. The criteria for judging are design, innovation, functionality, quality, variety, uniqueness, availability, and overall excellence.

The panel of judges consisted of prominent representatives from trusted and reputable media and parenting programs. The judges were:

    • Shari Criso
    • Alison Jacobson
    • Charlene Barkulis
    • Nicole Feliciano
    • Marianne Ryan
    • Rebecca Dixon
    • Eirene Heidelberger
    • Debra Flashenberg
    • Andrea Lee
    • Pete Brown
    • Natalie Diaz
    • Kira Kohrherr
    • Jennifer LaBracio
    • Lance Somerfeld
    • Jada Shapiro
    • Alex Taylor
    • Mia Weber
    • Caitlin Wolper
    • Adam Woodman

The 2018 New York Baby Show welcomed my family to a new world. As a new mom, this event is a big help for me in choosing the right and the best products for my baby. As a matter of fact, I also listed my top 3 products (brand) that I am excited to share with you all.

Doona is a car seat and a stroller in one. From a stroller, it can be assembled into a car seat in just seconds. Bringing a car seat and stroller individually cost time, effort, and space! With Doona, carrying your baby with you is as easy as 123.
Doona is proud to say that they are the only car seat in the world that is integrated with wheels and can transform into a stroller. Doona has only one design, but shoppers have lots of colors to choose from.

In regards to safety, Doona delivers their best to give parents the protection our baby deserves. As a mom, the safety of our baby is always our top priority. Trusting a product could be hard, but Doona proves me that they are worth the trust. In fact, Doona is the world’s first car seat to pass three safety standards.

I also love the idea of buying individual parts of the Doona through online and get it delivered right in front of our home. In case we want to change the handle or the wheels got broken, we don’t have to buy a new Doona. Instead, buy its part and assemble it from home.

find out more here » shopdoona.com

Baby K’tan
Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is a fantastic carrier that is safe both for the parent and the baby. It is specially designed to comfortably wrap around your hips, back, and shoulder without damaging it in the long run. Positions are also safe for the baby, with multiple of choices how to carry them. And then choose the most comfortable place that suits the carrier the most.
Baby K’tan Baby Carrier has different options that you can choose from. That includes Baby K’tan Original, Active, Breeze, Organic, and Print. The Original, Breeze, and Print are all made of 100% cotton while Organic and Active are made of organic cotton and polyester respectively.

I personally wear the extra small in size while hubby wears a large. It is light, comfortable and took us such a little time to learn how to use and baby loves it too!

Another thing I love with Baby K’tan is unlike other baby carriers; Baby K’tan has no zippers, buckles, snaps, or rings. Baby K’tan also offers other products too like swaddle and stylish diaper bag with a built-in wet bag.

find out more here » babyktan.com

Pump spotting
Pump spotting is an app to connect and share support with breastfeeding moms. It is an app where moms can share anything they want or ask questions and get answered by hundreds of caring mom members too. There’s also a feature where you can share a breastfeeding and pumping spot to help other moms.

As you all know I have had many challenges breastfeeding our son Josiah King. If not for the support of friends I would have long given up already. I am genuinely grateful for the support, but not many moms are fortunate enough to find someone to give them the help or encouragement they need. This is where Pump Spotting comes in.

Pump spotting also has tours to show appreciation and provide help to moms who are breastfeeding and pumping. It has activities and classes that moms will surely enjoy.

Non-breastfeeding moms can volunteer as a host or crew in the tour. You can support pump spotting by buying on their shop. Donations are very much welcome too!

find out more here » pumpspotting.com

Aside from these top 3 products, I have to also commend and highlight the following brands …

    • Water Wipes – 99.99% Water and a drop of fruit extract!
    • Meta Backpack – Versatile Diaper Backpacks
    • Luni – Screenless Storyteller
    • La Petite Creme – French Diapering Lotion to replace Baby Wipes
    • Bbox for Kids & – Everyday Baby Essentials
    • Story time Chess – Teaching Kids How To Play Chess
    • Summer Infant – My Bath Seat

These are only a few of my favorites. I’ll try to share more of these products and brands in detail on a separate post. We are honestly looking forward to attending the New York Baby Show next year! Did you get the chance to attend this year’s show? Which one are your favorites? Also, I have shared our experience through my Instagram stories. In case you missed it, I have added it to my IG highlights so you can playback the story.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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