Nokia Lumia 1020 in Yellow

These days, a lot of people are used to multi tasking. We can eat while we watch, talk on our phone while driving (which is a big no-no, just so y’all know), cook while washing the dishes and many more. Because of our hectic schedules and the fluctuating economy, technology experts have created different types of gadgets that have the ability to multi task along with their users. Printers can also be a scanner and as well as a photo copier, tablets are no longer centered to its e-book function as it can also play games, store music, etc. The best combination of all is the smartphone and camera molded into one gadget with additional tech related functions — like the Nokia Lumia 1020.

nokia lumia 1020 (2)PIN IT!

The Nokia Lumia 1020 features a flawless molding of a smartphone and a camera. Not only does it look like a really “smart phone” it also features a professional finish on the camera side. Basic function as a smartphone includes web browsing capability, text and call options as well as a music player and gaming device. But the best thing about this device is the fact that the phone’s camera is in a whole new level. A device that fit comfortably in your hand, no bulky gears added and offers camera features that only an SLR cameras can do (… take that heavy SLR + gears)!

As a blogger, this model from Nokia has literally kept me at the edge of my seat. You can literally re-frame and rotate a photo that had already been taken and share pictures in just a few clicks. This makes keeping in touch with my readers and social network followers, a lot easier. After taking my ootd’s, ootn’s, sotd’s, hotd’s and so on … I can easily upload the pictures / snaps to either my blog, twitter, or my preferred social network at the moment. Sure, there are other devices out there that can share an update straight from your gallery, but how many will you find that takes superb quality? Since I love sharing my trips to my readers, the ease of bringing this phone and taking pictures anytime I want is something that I really enjoy.

Then there’s the SLR camera … not that I am hating as I do love my SLR. I am also a proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3i and have multiple lens to cater to my needs … but seriously, as a blogger I am into Fashion, Beauty and even Travel which requires me to have my SLR at hand at all times. Really not user friendly. With my 5″1 height and medium built frame, carrying all my SLR gear / equipment strains my shoulder and back.

nokia lumia 1020PIN IT!

With its 41 megapixel camera sensor, high resolution zoom, optical Image stabilization and PureView technology, no other smartphone can ever live up to its photo capturing and video recording ability. It also allows its user to take high resolution pictures, no matter how far the subject is. This is all thanks to the amazing zoom feature. Needless to say, I need to take high resolution photos for my blogs or my readers will loose interest. My Nokia Lumia 1020 allows me to take amaze-balls pictures without a fuzz.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 1020 also allows its user to adjust focus, white balance, shutter speed and many other intuitive controls like an actual SLR. The ability to customize the different camera control is absolutely innovative especially for a “smart phone device” … you’ll never be caught saying “I wish I had a great camera at hand!”.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Unboxing by SamJPullen

Aside from taking great pictures, I am definitely in love with its video recording function as it allows me to capture detailed and sharp HD video with Nokia Rich recording. When I watch the videos I took, I feel like I’m reliving that moment all over!

For the travelers, you will definitely enjoy “Here Maps” and “Here Drive+” along with an awesome music in the background using “Nokia Music” …

Last but will never the least, its design is definitely well thought and executed. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is very slim, making it very portable. Plus, it is made of matte polycarbonate which does not only make it sturdy but stylish as well! And talking about style, the vibrant yellow color of my Lumia 1020 reflects my sunny and bubbly personality!

Fashionable Version of Lumia 1020 – Bling Case

Nokia lumia 1020PIN IT!
Nokia lumia 1020PIN IT!

With all these amazing qualities, I can say that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the perfect phone that I can recommend to everyone, especially for a trendy fashion and beauty blogger like me!


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