My SPF Journey with Olay Total Effects Whip with SPF

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My love for fashion, beauty, and trends opened up my eyes that there’s no such thing as winging it or a one-size fit all product that works. This is most applicable to skincare products because of the many different skin types, tones, etc. You will literally go through hundreds of these products in your lifetime just finding something to cover the basics. If you’re looking for the perfect match, multiply those hundreds by two or three!

If you think that finding products that work and work well is hard under normal circumstances, try being pregnant with all the skin issues that crop up or even during post-partum. My well-seasoned mamas know what I’m talking about: dark under eye circles, splotchy complexion, breakouts in places you wouldn’t normally see them, etc. In fact, you might remember me talking about these pesky issues not long ago during my Olay 28 Day Challenge, where I mentioned a few products that I’d found that helped me conquer some of those skin-related problems.

Over the course of that 28 days, I really was able to see the benefits without a doubt. This is why I have been a loyal Olay user. In fact, I couldn’t stress enough how much I LOVE their products. I recommend them to everyone. Because I feel confident that every product that they have would be just as excellent as the last one I have tried! Which also resulted in a long-term partnership with them. The latest product I can’t get enough of is the Olay Total Effects Whip with SPF 25.

Olay Total Effects Whip with SPFPIN IT!

Olay Total EffectsPIN IT!

As I was growing up, I only use SPF on summer season or when the occasion calls for it. This is for obvious reasons – my skin is left feeling greasy, icky, and heavy! Sometimes I feel like it clogs my pores too! I’ve already fallen in love with Olay Total Effects Whip, the unicorn of all moisturizers. And now, it has a version with SPF in it! SAY WHAT?!!! It is a fantastic 7-in-1 multitasker. It evenly blends for brighter, healthier skin which helped keep my skin radiantly hydrated. I find it lightweight and easy to wear that it’s hard to believe it has SPF in it!

Olay Total EffectsPIN IT!

Olay Total Effects Whip with SPFPIN IT!

My Olay SPF journey helped me realize that achieving long-lasting hydration while protecting my skin daily from the sun is possible. For someone like me who believes that taking care of my skin is super important, and for those who are searching for new products to implement into their beauty routine, I totally recommend checking this product out. To top it all, it is conveniently available to purchase in every Rite Aid store.

Olay Total Effects Whip with SPFPIN IT!

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  • mj

    Olay is a classic that has never let me down. These are lovely images.

  • Alli Smith

    I’ve always loved all the Olay products. I love that total effects is lightweight and has SPF! I need this ASAP.

  • candy

    Olay products have been around for a very long time. The reason is because the products work so well.

  • wendy

    Olay products are the only ones my mom ever used. I tend to use natural products now but this product looks like it would be very effective.

  • Tasheena

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Olay is such a dependable brand. Looking forward to giving this a try and staying the loop with others are saying.

  • Jeanette

    Anything that can make my wrinkles look like they’re going away or makes them go away is a total win for me! It looks like the stuff works really well so I will have to try it.

  • Valerie

    I had a friend call me yesterday and she definitely has skin cancer on her face and neck. I need to get more serious about protecting my skin.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    Any product that has seven dual purposes is a winner to me and it is great to hear that it is super hydrating for your skin. Plus how nice that you are able to work on a long term partnership with them as well?

  • Evelyn, PathofPresence

    Taking good care of your skin is really one of the best beauty things that we can do. I love Olay products and really appreciate your point on this product. Thanks!!

  • Katie Kinsley

    I think that’s why I have such a hard time finding products that work for me. I always think things are one size fits all, but my skin is just a little different – usually red prone – so I’m never certain what to get.

  • Tammy

    Its so important to keep your skin hydrated and you have beautiful skin!! But, I believe SPF is much more important. I have seen what the sun will do to skin in my generation.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Olay. I always worry that something so affordable will clog my pores and leave me with worse skin than before. I will have to pick one of these up on my next trip to the store! Something so light with SPF is just what my face needs!

  • Tara Pittman

    I love that creams have spf in them. That way my face is protected from the sun

  • Amber Myers

    I have always loved Olay products. I know they work well. I need to pick up a jar. Your skin looks fabulous.

  • Jenn@Engineermommy

    I love Olay products. SPF plus skin hydration is the first step for any skincare routine.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Now this sounds like a good cream I like the idea of it being a whip makes it sounds extra luxurious and hey we all need some SPF.

  • Pam

    I always try to wear a moisturizer with SPF. I need to try this one out by Olay and see what I think.

  • Annie Cho

    I haven’t heard of the total effects whip yet, but I’m so intrigued now. I’d love to try it! Olay seems to be killing it these days!

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    Olay has been a favorite in my family for several generations! I will need to look for this product next time I go shopping.

  • Terri steffes

    I love the Olay brand product. My favorite is the whip with sunscreen in it. Love the texture of it.

  • Ellen

    My next trip to the store, I’m searching this product out! I’m a regular SPF user and the Olay product looks like something for me.

  • Ophelia T

    I really love using Olay products too. Their products work for many skin types. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tia McKinzie

    I love olay whip! It is so wondeful I first got to try it through influenster!

  • Maysz

    Olay is one of great beautiful products! Too more expensive. but it can make you beautiful specially with your skin!

  • Kiwi

    I love your beauty flat lays. Olay did a good job with inventing this whip SPF!

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Of all the facial cream I have tried, I keep coming back to Olay. They are the best for my skin.

  • Cris

    I love Olay products! They make magic to my skin!

  • What Corinne Did

    I am reading about Olay everywhere and it is getting me so curious! it sounds so amazing and the packaging is so luxurious!

  • Anosa

    I really need to get onboard with products that contain SPF as most of my beauty products don’t. I love Olay

  • Lyza

    I never tried olay as a whitening aoap, I usually buy other brands not sticking to a particular one. But after this, I’ll try the challenge and see if this really works with me. 🙂

  • Princess Quinn

    Wow you look great even without make up on. I wish to have fair, smooth and moisturized skin like yours. I wonder if this whip is not greasy at all specially for women who have oily skin like me.

  • Echo

    Olay products have always been pretty great.

  • Prerna Malhan

    Have always been a great fan of OLAY. I believe their products are really worth putting money into.

  • Becca Wilson

    Olay seriously makes some of the best products and I never knew that they had this! I will definitely be getting it.

  • Bianca Dottin

    I haven’t tried the Olay Whips yet. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and I’ve used other Olay products and have loved them.

  • Danielle Bronson

    I have heard of olay I am pretty sure it’s sold pretty much everywhere around my area. I will be honest though I haven’t ever tried it even after seeing it so much. I haven’t ever really used much of anything for products. I am so glad it worked out so well for you!

  • Sarah Bailey

    It is so good to have a facial product with SPF already included as I have to admit I am awful for remembering one! I love the sound of this cream as well very luxurious!

  • Heidi

    I love moisturizer with spf, too. My favorite moisturizer does not have spf protection, so maybe I’ll have to try this one. I hate greasy sunscreen on my face.

  • LiveLoveAndAdventure

    I love Olay products but have never tried this before. It look like it would be worth a try! I usually try to find products with SPF since I’m in the sun year round in So. California.

  • Eze Azubike

    The pictures are really great. You sound as if you’re really enjoying the product.

  • Cassie

    This Olay products sounds amazing. I’m definitely going to have to add this to my regiment.

  • Rosey

    Olay has been around a long time, that is a testimony to it’s quality. I haven’t tried the whips yet, but I’d love to do so.

  • LavandaMichelle

    What a wonderful post! I’ve always trusted Olay. This product seems amazing. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Nina Kasper

    I love Olay’s whip formula! So light and absorbs quickly!

  • Nina

    I love the Olay products and they work so well. I like the way you presented the product

  • Agentszerozerosetter

    Ooooh I need this cream in my life! Love products all-in-one like this, so easy to use!

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    The Olay products have been a favorite of mine for years! I like that they’re making them easier to use by offering two-in-one and total effects like this one.

  • Ada

    I recently had the opportunity to try Olay Total Effect Whips and I love it! It’s lightweight enough for the summer and it has SPF.

  • Ruth I.

    That sounds like a great product! My Mom loves Olay products too, We are both excited to try this!

  • KS Rao

    Have seen my wife using this product, but in different packaging a long time back. Think this is good SPF also which can be outside safely for places where there are exposed to sun quite a lot..!

  • Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    Oh my goodness, I need to try this. I’ve been hearing so much about it lately. It looks like it works so well on you, so I have to try it. Your skin glows!

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