Despite Winter being the coldest season of the year, it isn’t going to stop or hold me back from playing dress up and having a little fun.

winter fashion capePIN IT!

winter fashion stylingPIN IT!

#ootd ootd outfit of the day sweaterPIN IT!

#ootd ootd outfit of the day sweaterPIN IT!

angela ricardo bethea fur cape fashion bloggerPIN IT!

leopard print bootsPIN IT!

leopard print bootsPIN IT!

Beanie: Ebay
Earmuffs: Ebay
Fur Cape: Romwe
#OOTD Sweater: Romwe
Pants: Evil Twin
Booties: Ebay
Cuffs: Forever 21

I’m not a big fan of the winter season, specially if it means I have to take long walks outside. From my perspective, long walks are best matched during summer and even spring, but definitely not on winter. Sure I like muggy weather and I am totally in love with snow, somehow it feels enchanting and mystical to me. Other people think muggy weather is depressing, I see it as romantic and relaxing. Of course it is quite dark and eerie as well, which I wouldn’t deny that I appreciate as well. I am into those kind of stuff. Everything has an opposite, joy and sadness, positive and negative, up and down … you get what I mean. I just want to appreciate both sides. As for winter, it is like wonderland, a perfect look for what perfection may be. Except when the snow starts melting and starts looking muddy. Ugh.


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