Meet Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

Yes … ladies and gents, we now have an addition our family. I have been wishing to have a pup for ages, now that we have a place of our own (and hubby’s officially back in the states) he agreed that I can have one already. At last, my very own fur-baby!

We checked out different options and our first choice was to adopt. We visited the Burlington County Animal Shelter and all the dogs were either too big (boxer, rottweiler, pitt, etc.) … or too loud (there was 1 yorkies that was just barking too crazy non-stop and hubby doesn’t like a loud dog) and too new to be adopted as they were just found. As much as I want to give one of them a new home, none of them were a match for both us.

Eventually we visited Puppy Barn and all the puppies in there looks like they really just want to get out of there. I fell in love with two, but both were way above our budget. So hubby decided to check craiglist and found someone selling their new born pups mix of Shitzu and Yorkie = Shorkie … the price was right and she seemed very nice so we saved her number and in a few days we made up our mind.

Pam and her hubby lives in Delaware so we made the trip from Jersey to get a pup … when we got there Derek fell in love with the boy while I really got attached to one of the girls. Altogether She had 3 pups for sale and since we couldn’t resist both … yes, we ended up getting two! Imagine … we went there for one and ended up with two!

Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, ShorkiePIN IT!

We took them home a few days ago (November 11th) and they’re now almost 13 weeks. We figured the best route to go is to have a new born so we can teach them tricks and that they can grow-up with us around. The boy is so playful while the girl is very laid back. At first we decided their names to be Champ and Diamond … but it wasn’t it. We brainstormed and started throwing ideas at each other … up until we came up with Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. Yep, just like the kids on the Flintstones. I love them to bits and right away I had to go shopping and get them puppy food, treats and … clothes!!!

Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, ShorkiePIN IT!

You’ll be seeing more of them soon! xo


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