The Perfect Body

What does a perfect body really means? What is the ideal image of perfection? With the society we are living at today, our standard and outlook had vastly changed. Women of our generation don’t have it easy, as we all are pressured to “keep up” with what is so-called ideal and right.

Back in the good old days (around my great grandmother’s time) they didn’t have our innovative technology and chemical waste. Their perception in life is nowhere close to ours, and it is safe to say that their ideals are nowhere close to being influenced by the mass media. As far as product waste, their food back then are very healthy and not produced with chemicals and other toxic substance on them. They rarely have to rely on organic products to stay healthy, simply because almost all their products were organic.

The Image of Perfection

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Our era is quite the opposite. We need to keep ahead of what the mass media presents to us as “acceptable” and “ideal”. Having a certain look to be deemed as the perfect body, if not at least close to it. What we now have are stick thin models, instead of the plump voluptuous full figured women. So how do women of our society manage to keep up? There are two options to choose from, the natural way by fitness and exercise and the other with help from science.

Our society of today has its own perks, and one of that is what our doctors can provide for us now. Sure, a lot of people would say opt for exercise and workout but not a lot of them are aware that most women of today are too busy juggling their time to get through the day. That is why the best alternative out there is to get help from doctors.

Quite a few people still are against cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction, vaser lipo etc. to achieve a perfect body. Personally, I could care less on what other people may think. I’d rather feel good and great about myself rather than waste my time meddling with negativity. Some people prefer to be all natural; there are some who do it for cosmetic / health benefits and a few others who do it for their own personal reason. If you think vaser lipo is for you, then go for it and schedule an appointment. Whatever reason you may have for doing so, as long as you are happy and content with your decision, that’s all that really matters.


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