How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Ring

Looking into purchasing the perfect diamond ring? Whether it’s for an engagement or a wedding (or a special occasion like anniversary) the criteria to follow remains the same. Jeweler to the stars, Vashi Dominguez assesses diamonds according to the 4 C’s – carat weight, cut, clarity and color.

Vashi, the diamond expert or also known as the ring master ( is the name behind many celebrities from the likes of Alicia Keys, Cheryl Cole, Isla Fisher, Paula Lane, Rita Ora and more.

  • Carat Weight – the most important causal factor of a diamond’s overall cost. Choosing the right carat weight can be determined by considering the size and width of the finger the ring will be placed on and the size of the setting.
  • Cut – the greatest influence of a diamond’s beauty. The way a diamond had been cut determines it brilliance and sparkle.
  • Clarity – the microscopic internal flaws that bechance almost all diamonds. Typically has the most insignificant effect on a diamond’s overall appearance.
  • Color – the color grade that refers to the absence of color. A white diamond containing the least color is ranked more valuable and rare.
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    Overall Budget

    Budget plays a big factor when it comes to purchasing the perfect diamond ring. Traditionally the most popular option is the round shape, but considering other shapes such as Marquise, Oval and Pear will always cost less.

    Another way to save is reconsidering a ring’s setting between a solitaire and cluster type. Cluster of stones are increasingly popular and since it is smaller compare to one large diamond it will generally cost less.

    Last but not the least is choosing the metal to hold the diamond, from 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold and platinum. Celebrities’ metal of choice is platinum but 18k white gold produces a resembling materialization.

    When looking for a diamond Vashi suggests considering one of the following:

    – Do you want a bigger size for the price?
    – Do you want the finest quality for the price?
    – Do you want a balance between quality and cost for the price?

    According to Vashi, UK buyers opt for a balance of quality and cost while US shoppers go for bigger diamonds. Consumers from the Fast East are sensitive to quality and look for the finest. All of which comes down to culture and preference.

    Overall, make sure to shop for a diamond ring from a trusted jeweler like Vashi Dominguez. Quality rings can only be delivered by a well trained jeweler and not just by a certificate hanging on a wall. Taking all these into consideration should be a good start to finding the perfect diamond ring.


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