Rock a New Look Effortlessly with Perfect Locks – Celebrity Style Wigs

I firmly believe that no outfit will ever be complete without a matching hairstyle. Up until today, I feel I look my best when my hair perfectly complements the outfit that I have on.

You all know how I love to switch up my looks now and then. I have always enjoyed playing dress up since I was a little girl. Now that I am all grown up, I find that wearing wigs make experimenting with my looks a lot easier.

One wig brand that I have been pining for is Perfect Locks, and now that I have the Lilac Moon Lace Front Wig, I can’t wait to share my thoughts about it!

Charles & ColvardPIN IT!

The wig that I got features a long bob cut which is perfect because I have always wanted to try this haircut. And considering that it is one of the hottest hairstyles in Hollywood today, I feel like a celebrity every time I put it on.

More than the trendy cut, the pastel purple shade and silver base of this wig are to die for. This is one hair color that I have always wanted to try but never got the chance to. Thanks to this wig, I can see how this hair color will look on me without having to worry about the possible damage that may come with the coloring process.

Perfect LocksPIN IT!

Bali Lace 'N Smooth® BodybrieferPIN IT!

Aside from its color and cut, the thing that I love most about the wig is its natural look and feel. I have used plenty of wigs before so believe me when I say that this one is the real deal. It even has baby hair which makes the hairline look as natural as possible. As far as additional accessories, the following products are available for purchase separately


Perfect LocksPIN IT!

Perfect LocksPIN IT!

Perfect LocksPIN IT!

Honestly, I have worn wigs for years, but it is the very first time that I wore a Remy wig because this kind is quite expensive. But if I have known that it would be this soft, manageable and natural-looking, I would have tried it out sooner. For me, it is worth the investment!

If you love to experiment with your hair as much as I do but you don’t want to deal with possible hair damage, using a wig is the perfect solution. Personally, the Perfect Locks wig is one of the best out there.

If you already purchased one, feel free to share your experience in the comments section. If you haven’t bought one yet, it is about time that you do!


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  • Sarah Bailey

    I would never have guessed that was a wig at all – it looks really natural. I love how they offer a chance to try out something really different.

  • Candy

    Using a wig is easy the way they are made now a days. I have my own natural gray hair to enjoy.

  • Melissa Chapman

    That wig is a great look on you. I think it would be a good style for any party. I wish I had your complexion you can do so much.

  • Jenn

    Wow, this look looks amazing on you. Your photos are stunning. I haven’t experimented with my hair in way too long.

  • Mellissa

    First this wig is super cute!! I love a good wig to switch up styles ever so often. Now I’m considering a fun color like this. I’ll have to see what it would look like. Either way, wigs are so much fun and allows you to explore new looks without the commitment.

  • Jeanette

    It’s kind of fun when you can try a different rigs just to see how you look in them. This one looks like a fun one. I love trying different colors.

  • Teresa

    You look great in this color, it is complimentary to your skin tone. I like that you are not afraid to be bold. I’m boring and simply stick with the same hair color and style – for – like ever!

  • Amber Myers

    This wig does look fabulous. I might have to try one out. I like the color as well.

  • CAssie

    I love that color. And the cut is very cute as well.

  • Ally

    What a fun hair color and smart idea to use wigs to try it out! It would probably be so hard to reverse that color if it was actually dyed on your hair.

  • Jenn@Engineermommy

    I love the color of the wig. It looks so chic and en trend. You look great in it girl!

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I’ve never worn a wig. It seems like a wig would be a great way to experiment with different colors and styles without having to commit to them.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I would love to have a different color with my hair but I am too scared to try lol. I should try it on my birthday!

  • Chuck G

    Nice post with great pics! You’re right. An ensemble isn’t complete without a great hair do!

  • Emily

    That is an amazing wig! This is such a simple and fun way to change up the look and style without any long salon visit, just a quick change of a wig. I love this idea!

  • Cristina Coroiu

    I just love that color. I’m trying for months now to get a nice visible purple shade in my hair. For a reason or another, my hair just doesn’t want to have a beautiful shade more than a few days. Now I want to buy myself a wig after reading this post.

  • Vyjay Rao

    Getting the hairstyling correct is so important. The best of outfits fade if the hairstyling is off.

  • Kita Bryant

    That is such a nice shade of platinum. This is a look you really pull off!

  • Julie Plagens

    Looks fabulous on you! What a great choice.

  • brittany

    I love the color of your wig! I’ve never worn one before. Might have to try!

  • Anonymous

    Your locks look so beautiful! I love how you have experimented with yourself. If I wouldnt knew, I would never had guessed that was a wig 🙂

  • What Corinne Did

    I would have never ever guessed it’s a wig! it looks so real! and so good on you!

  • lavandamichelle

    What a wonderful post! These pictures are so nice, I love that even though its a wig it looks so natural. I would have never guessed. Thanks for sharing. By the way, that purple hair is so pretty on you! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • LiveLoveAndAdventure

    How fun that you are so comfortable with changing up wigs. I have never worn one before. I have so much hair and it’s really thick, sometimes finding a hat that fits is a challenge. I’m not sure how a wig would fit over it!

  • Princess Quinn

    It looks like a natural hair! The quality looks amazing. If I will need it, I will look for this brand.

  • Trina

    I need this in my life, I hate doing my hair, it’s one of the reasons I’m either always rocking a mom bun or I’m in the house lol

  • Agentszerozerosetter

    Completely in love with your hair color! You rock it very well!

  • Civic

    I love the hair style and color… Awesome ! The white lingerie also sexy but you can try waist trainer next time…..=)

  • Olga Zak

    I love the color of the wig very much. You are looking perfect in it!

  • Cassie

    The wig looks amazing! Can’t tell it’s a wig

  • robin rue

    Very cute wig. I pay a lot of money for my hair (mostly to straighten it), so I am not sure if a wig is right for me, but it looks amazing on you.

  • Alli Smith

    I would never have guessed you were wearing a wig. It looks so natural and beautiful. I love the style and the color.

  • candy

    Wearing a wig is not something I would personally do. If it is something that someone like to wear to change up their hair style go for it. Just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle.

  • Harish

    You’ll look amazing on every outfit. It’s because of your super amazing hairs. And, your pictures are really awesome. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  • Melissa Chapman

    Those wigs are so great and make it fun to go out and get dressed up with. I don’t have any yet but if I get one it will be theirs.

  • Bohemian Babushka

    My daughter is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is looking for fun wigs. Babushka will be sharing this post with her; it’s just what she’s looking for. Gracias for the intro. BB2U

  • Amanda Dorich

    You look so cute in that wig! I absolutely love it! It would be fun to change up your look with so many different wigs!

  • Farrah less

    I love how wigs turns to be look like a real one these days. It amazes me how convenient to change hair do now : from short to long and curly to straight or even the color too.

  • Sara Welch

    You two look so cute! The locks could not have been better!

  • Jenn@Engineermommy

    This wig looks so stunning and chic on you. I hadn’t realized how amazing wigs like this can look so stunning.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I have never tried wearing a wig but I am always interested. That one you have looks so natural, it suits you.,

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    It seems like a wig would be a great way to experiment with different colors and styles without having to commit to them. I’ve never tried one.

  • Roch

    Isn’t the wig too heavy to carry? I considered wearing one when I cut my hair short and I think it didn’t fit me.

  • Karen Morse

    I agree, good hair completes an outfit! I love how wigs change up our look without having to commit to it for a long time. This looks really pretty and you carry it so well too!

  • Tasheena

    Love the color of this wig. He really compliments you. I have to check out this site. It looks like they have pretty amazing wigs.

  • Valerie

    I love the concept of the wigs. I’d love to hide my hair on a bad hair day.

  • Serena Hale

    If you did not say anything, I would have thought it was your hair. So natural and this would be a brand that I would wear.

  • Tara

    That certainly makes getting your hair ready much quicker and easier and it looks so natural. Perfect for a photo op 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Ricci

    Oh man that wig looks so good on you!! I have never tried a wig myself, maybe I need to try one of these?

  • Kiwi

    I love that silver long bob wig on you! it really suits you I havent tried grey yet but one day maybe.

  • Tina Gleisner

    Wow, I never thought about experimenting with a wig but can see where it might be fun & a lifesaver on a bad hair day.

  • Cris

    That looks so natural! Amazing! And it looks so good on you!

  • Brit Strawbridge

    I have actually never worn a wig but have always wanted to! I love how you can change your hair to something so drastically different. Such a pretty one!

  • Alison Rost

    Wigs definitely make life easier! I think this one’s so lovely on you! I like the color as well. It allows you to have fun with different looks!

  • Janet C

    This wig is so much fun! I love the color of it. I have never really tried one before but now I want to.

  • Jennifer L

    Oh wow that wig look absolutely fantastic. Love the color too. This could be a great way to really play around with style without the commitment.


    Omg love the wig!!! I’ve been so tempted to buy one buy always chicken out! Some look real and others look 100% fake lol

  • liev cruz

    It’s awesome at it doesn’t like a wig at all. Looks natural. And love the color.

  • Alaina Monster

    I always want to get a little crazy with my hairstyles. But I’m always too scared to take such a permanent step. This is the perfect solution!

  • Blair villanueva

    Wow its a Kykie-inspired wig and i like the color and style. It suits you Angela!

  • Janine anne

    Wow I didn’t realize those were wigs at first! These look so natural, and you were able to fit it with your style perfectly! Thank you for this wonderful read.

    • Rohi
      Janine anne

      I always want to get a little crazy with my hairstyles. But I’m always too scared to take such a permanent step. This is the perfect solution!

  • mharoonpir

    Awesome hair style i like it this is very cool i hope my wife will do they.