Does Plastic Surgery Scare You? Give Photorejuvenation a Chance

Photorejuvenation‚ÄčLots of people consider plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. They may have scars, wrinkles, or facial imperfections that could benefit from cosmetic enhancements, but they have legitimate worries about undergoing any surgical procedure. Fortunately, millions of people are finding solutions to their need without surgery. Photorejuvenation has helped individuals in Delray Beach, Florida,¬†improve the overall look and feel of their skin without surgery or invasive procedures thanks to Dr. Janet Allenby.

How Does It Work?

Conducted in a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeons’ office, photorejuvenation sends pulsing light onto the skin in hopes of stimulating collagen growth. The pulsing rays of light are aimed to target any damaged skin, discoloration, age spots, acne scars, and texture issues. Although photorejuvenation may sound uncomfortable, the procedure is completely painless and patients do not feel any discomfort.

Before deciding to have the procedure done, make sure to talk to your doctor to make sure it’s the right decision for you. When you arrive at the office for your session, the dermatologist will first discuss each step. The technician will utilize a handheld instrument that will emit the light for photorejuvenation. The instrument will be moved over the surface of the targeted skin to deaden the discoloration and imperfections with the stimulation of collagen.

What Are The Effects?

There is absolutely no recovery time necessary following photorejuvenation. Patients will notice a darkening on the skin area following the procedure, but this will fade away after 10 to 14 days. Any visible veins in the face will appear slightly darker at first but will also fade away with time. Some patients will have some slight redness and swelling following the procedure on the targeted area. However, this will also subside. Patients will have a truly improved look to their skin within a week after the procedure.

Is It Economical?

Many people worry about the cost of cosmetic enhancements. While it is true costs are very high with plastic surgery, photorejuvenation is a more affordable option. Unfortunately, an exact quote is not easily given over the phone or Internet. Interested candidates should first contact their primary doctor for a full medical evaluation. Once their doctor give clearance for the procedure, they can visit a dermatologist, spa, or cosmetic professional for a more accurate and detailed quote. The cost may vary depending on a variety of elements including the doctor, facility, and your overall needs.

Of course, the most common issue clients face is unsightly skin due to age. The increase in collagen created from the photorejuvenation will offer a more full, glowing, and youthful look which is most appealing to clients. For patients with sagging skin under the eyes, chin, and cheeks, the procedure will tighten up these excessive areas with the addition of collagen production. Patients with scars, acne, patchy skin, and issues with texture can also benefit in tremendous ways from this method. There are many types of patients who desire improvements to their skin but are looking for a non-invasive route, and photorejuvenation is a step in the right direction.

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