Press Release: Sol Republic High Definition Headphones arrival in Italy


I am pleased to share a wonderful news to my Italian / European readers. SOL Republic makers of High Definition Headphones is officially available here in Italy on select Apple stores. The closest branch from my place is in Carosello, if you’re from Milan you’re in luck!

Apple Store Milano, Carosello
Centro Commerciale Carosello Strada Provinciale 208 KM 2 Milano Carugate 20061
+39 0292507200

Sol Republic TokiDoki

This press release was originally sent to me last Nov 26, 2012

sol republic press release

For those of you trendsetters, and of course my fellow fashion enthusiast bloggers I am more than thrilled to inform y’all that this awesome high definition headphones is definitely customizable! You can mix and match to create your personalized tracks on-ear headphones. Check out the following styles …

Sol Republic Michael Phelps
Sol Republic Steve Aoki
Sol Republic  Travie Mccoy
Sol Republic Mau5heads
Sol Republic Meowingtons
Sol Republic Dave Wearhouse
Sol Republic Angela Ricardo Fashion Blogger

Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones

Introducing the world’s first completely interchangeable headphones, where users can officially customize their headphones to their liking.

» Easily mix up the colors of the Sound Track headbands and cable to match your style. Choose the level of sound quality between the V8 and V10 on-ear Sound Engines. Mix them, match them, make them your own.
» Virtually indestructible Sound Track headband in 8 colors, including red, white, black, Progressive Purple, Glitch Grey, Electro Blue, Dub Orange and House Pink.
» V8 Sound Engines delivers deep bass and high clarity while the V10 Sound Engines delivers deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals.
» Single-button cables with omni-directional microphone are also available in red, white, black, Progressive Purple, Glitch Grey, Electro Blue, Dub Orange and House Pink.
» Custom headphones for the ultimate sports fans, they have Collegiate Tracks.
» Custom headphones for Michael Phelps fans, they have Anthem Tracks.
» Custom headphones for Steve Aoki fans, they have Steve Aoki Tracks.
» Custom headphones for Deadmau5 fans, they have Deadmau5 Tracks.
» Custom headphones for TokiDoki Phelps fans, they have Tokdoki HD Tracks TKDK Headphones.

Head over to and check out their product, I bet y’all you’d want to snag one of those limited edition while they’re still available. Let me know if you have. xx

FTC: Post contains a link to product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission. I am not in any way compensated to write and publish this press release.

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