How To Prevent Acne Breakouts (in Five Easy Steps!)

Having pimples is really annoying. On the other hand, having acne breakouts is just the worst! For those blessed people, acne is not an issue. However, acne is a nightmare for most of us (including yours truly). Avoiding acne breakouts do not require extravagant steps to prevent it. In fact, all you need is to carry out some little changes on your typical routine and you can say goodbye to acne!

How To Prevent Acne BreakoutsPIN IT!

Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent acne breakouts.

» Wash face regularly.
Pimples are dirt accumulating on our pores. That’s why cleaining your face regularly will not only help your skin to get whiter or cleaner; it helps get rid of pimples too. Never ever use body soap as this can dry out the skin. It would be best that you consult a dermatologist with regards to which facial wash will suit your acne prone skin.

» Avoid eating oily or junk foods.
We are what we eat because it can affect our entire body system. We get pimples because the overproduction of sebum of our oily glands. When you eat oily or junk foods, you will just stimulate the body to produce more oil, which is something that you should stop in the first place.

» Change your pillow case on a regular basis.
Stop spending your money on expensive acne creams and start changing your pillowcases and beddings weekly. Since you bury your face in the pillow every night, all the dirt and makeup products that have been left on your face will be accumulating on the pillow. When you change your pillow cases weekly, you will be giving it (and your face) the fresh start that it needs.

» Moisturize!
A lot of people have relied to the power of acne products to inhibit any possible acne breakouts. If this is the case, then it is a must that you do not forgot the basics and importance of moisturizing. Keep in mind that lots of acne products have the tendency to dry out the skin. Hydrate the skin after applying then put on some moisturizer after.

» Take a look at your shampoo.
Shampoos may be applied on the head but it can sometimes reach the jaw, neck, foreheads and back. If you have been breaking out a lot on these areas, then shy away from using shampoos with fragrance as this can irritate the skin.

Try all these simple steps and you will be surprised as how effective these can be!


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