Meet My Pulsaderm Buddy!


As most of you know, I travel quite often and attend to quite a lot of activities and events. Some of you had asked if I change my routine when I am on the go or away from home … and my answer is always the same – no. Taking care of my skin is a big must for me. I will always have my skin care products with me wherever I go. If that means that I have to transfer my skin care to a travel sized container, I will – including my facial wash (Clearasil) which is my holy grail for keeping my skin squeaky clean.

What about skin care tools? I have devices at home … but whenever I am on the go, my travel partner in crime is the Pulsaderm Buddy – all the power, for half the size. Check out my buddy in rose pink and see what came with it …

Pulsaderm Buddy

Totally love the cute packaging. I’m into pink so this is definitely a big plus for me. I have also noticed that on the reverse side of the box there’s an informative break down of the contents and a brief introduction the Pulsaderm Buddy – a powerful, water resistant and gentle sonic pulsating brush with an ergonomic handle.

1. Normal Brush
2. Sensitive Brush
↳ 2 Interchangeable Brush Heads
3. Sonic Face Brush Handle
4. AC Adapter with USB Cable
5. Cosmetic Bag

{ available in the following colors: Pink, Lavender, Blue, Green, White and Black }

The Pulsaderm Buddy is much lighter, smaller and more affordable than leading competitors making it the perfect choice for your traveling needs. This handy tool only weighs 4.2 ounces and measures 2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

For such a small device, it definitely packs a punch. It is powered with 2-speed pulsating brush, normal for sensitive or regular skin and high for cleansing tougher skin on our body.

Pulsaderm SONIC Facebrush Pulsation Technology

Each kit comes with 2 Interchangeable Brush Heads with the first brush pre-selected as the regular brush head and can be customized with one free additional brush from the following options: Body Brush, Super Sensitive, Silicone Brush Head, Pumice Stone, Flat Pumice Stone, Microderm Sponge and a Makeup Sponge – yes a makeup sponge as an applicator!

Meet My Pulsaderm Buddy

Pulsaderm Buddy

Pulsaderm Buddy

1. Dampen your face and brush head before use
2. Apply favorite cleansing product to your face
3. Choose the appropriate speed of the brush and gently apply to your face
4. Move around your face as desired avoiding the sensitive under eye area
5. The pulsaderm may also be used on the neck area and décolleté

Pulsaderm Buddy

Tips When Packing for a Trip

I always have a dedicated bag for my toiletries, and same goes for the Pulsaderm Buddy that comes with its very own cosmetic bag, all your skin care needs needs to be in just one container to avoid getting your stuff all over your travel bag / suitcase. It makes it easier to tidy up and sort things accordingly.

Overall, this awesome device retails for only $69.00 – and truly lives up to its claims and just about any expectation I have had. I have been with this buddy just about errrwhere (everywhere)! I managed to take it with me aboard a plane from New York, (layover) to Shanghai China and then Manila Philippines. During my layover I freshened myself up with my buddy and took it with me aboard the next flight. Love that it is so easy to use and very handy to have. Highly recommended!

Next month I am most likely going to travel around for my birthday … maybe locally so I can enjoy and get to know NYC a little bit more. With all that in mind, you can expect that I will be taking my fabulous buddy with me.

Pulsaderm prides itself on developing quality skincare products and is designed and assembled in the U.S.! In the foreseeable future I look forward to trying and implementing their FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Devices Pulsaderm LED Blue and Red on my skincare regimen.

For those of you who may have any comments or suggestion, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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  • Aliz Maganis
    June 30, 2015

    No wonder you have indeed a flawless and beautiful skin. Even on your travels, you still brought a beauty tool.

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