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Chilpa have recently been in touch with me to try out their fabulous handmade Rebozo … they have sent me their Aztekita Rebozo in dark blue and white. The design embodies a beautiful traditional aztec print that makes a wonderful addition to any fashion ensemble. Need to make a statement? Wear a Rebozo. Check out my styling …

Chilpa Dark blue and white Aztekita Rebozo

Rebozo handmade mexican shawl

Rebozo Chilpa

Rebozo is well known as a long scarf that covers the head as well as the shoulders and are traditionally worn by Spanish – American women.

dark gothic black fashion style

Rebozo Chilpa

… during the Winter season many people prefer to stick with “dark” colors. Personally, I am not much of a tradition-follower and would seriously wear basically anything I feel like all year long. On today’s outfit post, I have chosen to mix and match my ensemble that lines up according to the mass’s preference. Everyone could use an inspiration right? So this look is my contribution for an outfit inspiration for winter.

Some may say wearing “dark” clothing is “safe” … I would put it as “deep and mysterious”. I have always love dark shades. For as long as I can remember I had always had one shade in my cabinet as I was growing up 75% black, 15% white and 10% red. I only started wearing pastel and different colors right before I turned 20.

black winter fashion

Rebozo handmade mexican shawl

black winter fashion

Baggy Beanie: Ebay
Rebozo: Chilpa
CC Sweater: Romwe
Skirted Leggings: Romwe
Boots: Persunmall

As a fashion blogger, making a statement and standing out is part of the whole objective. You can’t try to make an impact and still be a wall flower. In my opinion, it’s not about the brand or the color preference. It’s all about how you mix and match your pieces and what accessories you will add or use to accentuate the look. Wrong accessories can either overdo and overpower a look or blend in and turn out boring. Wearing scarves or also known as Rebozo makes a great addition to any overall look and can add a beautiful highlight without drawing too much. Just enough.

If interested to purchase your very own Rebozo kindly check out Chilpa’s beautiful assortment at

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