Tips for Making the Most of Your Cricut Explore Air 2

I’ve been trying to figure out more and more about my new Cricut machine so I figured I’d share some of the useful information I’ve found out and learned over the short time of owning my first Cricut machine.

Review of the Cricut Machine
I love that it’s simple and easy to learn how to use the Cricut machine. You can easily upload, design, and create any design that you want using the Cricut software. You can upload your own image, write using the Cricut Explore 2 Machine – an amazing feature, and use already made images from Cricut at a reasonable price. There are over 60,000 images ready for use with your Cricut machine starting at just 99 cents each.

Tips for your Cricut Machine

Always Keep Mat Clean
Be sure to keep the included cutting mat clean. You’ll want to clean your cutting mat after every use and store it with plastic over the top. This keeps your cutting mat lasting longer and easy to use with each new design you make using your Cricut machine.

Use Different Blades
If possible, try to use different blades for cutting different materials. I like to use a dot of nail polish to color code which blades I use to cut each type of material. This will help you keep your blades sharp and ensure that you get the most out of your Cricut blades before having to replace them.

Cricut Access
Let’s face it, I love fonts and I’m sure you do too! That’s why I highly recommend you subscribe to Cricut Access for the most affordable pricing options to access only the best fonts and images for use with your Cricut machine. Now if you’re going to design your own options regularly, you may not need this.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Lastly, when it comes to using your Cricut machine for the first time, you’ll want to get some lower-cost supplies to practice. Even though the Cricut machine has some pretty user-friendly settings, there’s always room for user error. I highly recommend you use some scrap vinyl and other materials to get a hang of mastering your Cricut machine to make the best Cricut crafts ever.

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Actual Tools You Should get for your Cricut Machine

Extra Mats – Be aware that there are different Cricut cutting mats for different projects and materials. Order some extra mats that will be helpful for your specific Cricut crafts.

Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set – this set is a lifesaver for a newbie Cricut user like me. You’ll get everything you need for the basic functions of your Cricut machine crafting projects in this useful basic kit set.

Cricut Complete Starter Set – To be honest, if you’re up for spending a little more money, it’s best to invest in this Cricut Complete Starter Set. You’ll have everything you need to make the best Cricut crafts this year with this starter set.

If you’re looking for some fun Cricut crafts to make with your family, check out my list of Top Cricut Crafts to Make that I gathered from other bloggers who’ve mastered their Cricut machine.


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