My Romantic Engagement

Hello there lovelies, I’m sure y’all are as thrilled to find out more about my romantic engagement! Yes, you read the caption right. I am officially engaged!~ <3 I am literally in cloud 9 and I am sure a lot of you had been waiting for the details since I shared the update via Facebook and Twitter. boracay island engagement proposal engagedPIN IT!

As you can see from the picture above, the engagement took place in Boracay Island, Philippines. Originally, boyf and I didn’t have any plans to visit Boracay. Prior to leaving Italy, I knew already I will be having some health check up.

Health Related Post … [spoiler] For quite some time now I have been having side pains. The pain is on my upper right abdomen, right below my rib cage. At some point we assumed that there is a big possibility I will end up having surgery .. possibly for my gall bladder. Of course, I want him to be there if I undergo an operation … but I didn’t. Somehow, after getting my ultrasound for my upper and lower abdomen, all results came out “normal”. Weird. According to my doctor, all my symptoms points out to a gall bladder problem, but my lab result says otherwise. So up until now, I have no clue what is causing the pain. :wtf:

Update: I will be seeking a second opinion and hopefully feel better soon.[/spoiler]

Since boyf and I found out I won’t be having any major health related concern during his visit or short stay-cation in the Philippines I’ve decided to book us a flight to Boracay. I have always wanted to see and visit Bora and of course to see the beautiful white sand that it is famous for in person. I knew right away Derek [boyf] and I will have a great time over there.

I’ve booked our flight with Tiger Air [terrible service by the way! review will be shared soon] from Sept 28th to Oct 1st and stayed at Sitio Suites. My girl friends Mara and Jomi came with us to Boracay until the 30th of September. During our last day, boyf and I planned to scuba dive but the diving instructors informed us that he cannot allow us to do so as we will flying out in a few hours. So boyf and I ended up jet-skiing again but with a separate jet ski to operate. As boyf puts it, he thinks it is more fun to share a jet ski with me as I drive crazy like a mad asian woman. LOL.

After jet skiing we stopped by at the Obama Grill to have a customized sand writing to take a picture at. Boyf suggested that we go back to the hotel so I can grab my SLR and when I asked him what is written on the sand he said “Derek <3 Angela ... Angela <3 Derek - Memories Forever" ... I guess I am that gullible and didn't even think twice on what could be written on the sand. While he was busy getting the sand writing ready, I was busy buying a hat. Before I even knew it ... the writing was ready for us to take a picture at ... it didn't cross my mind that it will be an engagement proposal. Please watch the video below to find out the rest of the details of my dreamy and romantic proposal.

The video is very heart warming isn’t it? Totally melted my heart and took me by surprise. I am a hopeless romantic and I love making memories. Which is why this video is absolutely everything I could ever ask for … <3 boracay island engagement proposal engaged koreandoll angela ricardoPIN IT!

boracay island engagement proposal engaged derek bethea kingderek king derekPIN IT!

boracay island engagement proposal engagedPIN IT!

Of course before leaving Boracay, I took some snaps around … and with my beautiful engagement ring too! Some prefer the traditional setting, while some prefer the cluster ones like the one I have. From my personal perspective? Any ring will do, the setting and style doesn’t really matter. What matters is the sincerity and the effort of the person who gave it.

My Engagement Ring

engagement ring boracay island philippines aklan proposal love romance romanticPIN IT!

To my beloved other half, Derek Bethea … I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me you. I am truly blessed for having you in my life. I really can’t picture my future without you in it. Thank you for making my life as colorful and beautiful as it is. No relationship is perfect, but you are perfect imperfect person that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. We have had our own ups and down, and share of misunderstandings … but no relationship ever goes without having any trials in it. In fact it only helps us grow stronger and understand each other better. May our relationship continuously be blessed. I love you for who and what you are. I really appreciate all of your efforts, especially on our beautiful and romantic engagement proposal. I Love You.

Do you have a dream proposal? Do you prefer a certain type of ring? What do you think of our engagement? I would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share your opinion on the comment box below. xox


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  • nadine

    Congratulations ate!!! You’re right, the ring doesn’t matter what matters is the love and effort 🙂 I couldn’t watch the video nasa office kasi (hehe) but I know how much heart sweet it is by the looks of it. It made me somehow realize that good things can wait and when it comes, it’s the most awesome <3 Looking forward na nyan ako sa weddings pics! Haha :3 Stay sweet and in love (Oh wait, no need for this, kasi you will naman talaga!)