Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer in Eunice 046


The Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer works wonders to conceal and hide those stubborn and pesky blemishes. Who needs photoshop when you have makeup you can rely on? That’s exactly what I’m thinking of as well. With photoshop, you can only fake flawless and unblemished skin through processed photographs. While on the other hand, with the right makeup product and very little effort anyone can look as if they have that flawless and perfect skin in real life! You can’t beat that.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer

This concealer is very easy to use and glides with ease. The crayon-like shape makes it comfortable to handle and allows a much precise application. Aside from covering up those blemishes for temporary fix, this awesome Glide Concealer also helps promote regeneration to make those blemished look less visible and in due time back to its healthy state.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Concealer Swatch

Rouge Bunny Rouge Concealer EuniceRouge Bunny Rouge Concealer EuniceRouge Bunny Rouge Concealer Eunice

What I completely love about Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer is the fact that it blends perfectly well with my fair complexion and yellow-ish undertones. The shade Eunice 046 is the perfect color and is quite hard to be seen when applied over my face. The oxidation is great and I love that it leaves just a little bit of powder like scent to no scent at all! The Glide Concealer collection comes in 3 different shades.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer

Rouge Bunny Rouge Glide ConcealerRouge Bunny Rouge Glide ConcealerRouge Bunny Rouge Glide Concealer

5starProduct Quality

I’ve always had issues with blemishes around the temples of my forehead and chin area, which is quite annoying as it very easy to spot. I surely don’t want to attract any attention for the wrong reason. Neither would I want anyone thinking I don’t know how to properly take care of my skin for my visible breakouts and blemishes. Which makes a concealer an absolute must have to keep my skin looking its best at all times.

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Retails for: €25.00

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