Save money, Save time, See A Doctor Anytime

Technology is changing at fast pace. Almost anything can now be done with just a flick of your fingertips.  From ordering your favorite food, buying your dream shoes, getting your dream house and even getting the much needed medical attention, all of it can now be done online.  As a full time wife who works online almost 24/7, all of these are truly helpful for me most especially when it comes to my medical needs.

Since my husband works almost round the clock, there are number of times that I am left home alone – and some of you may know this already but I am a very sickly person. I tend to get ailments here and there like as if it’s a regular / usual thing. Thanks to the rise of the telemedicine, I can now schedule my checkups at the comfort of my own bed anytime I want.

Just recently I was having some headaches that I just can’t explain. I didn’t know what to think of it. I often get headaches when I am due to updates my eye grade / prescription glasses … but I just got them done a few months back so it wasn’t the case. I turned to Amwell and was advised to take some bed rest, hydrate and relax. Apparently I am stressing out over nothing major. I was dehydrated! Silly me. One thing is for sure, no matter how big or small the issue is … I know I can rely on Amwell’s board certified doctors!

Amwell is one website or service I fully trust when it comes to my wellbeing. For those who haven’t heard of this company, Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company. They are the first telehealth service awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association.

Save money, Save time, See A Doctor Anytime with Amwell!

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Although there are other websites out there that offers the same service, Amwell is the only one I truly believe in.  Here are few of the great reasons why.

Board Certified Doctors
Amwell connect users (patients) with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists. Aside from that, users also have the freedom to select the doctor they want to see for an on-demand visit. They cover almost all minor illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management.

Convenience and Availability
Amwell doctors are available 24/7.  This just means that whenever you need medical assistance, you can be sure that Amwell got someone you can talk with. With Amwell, there’s no more longer waiting time and you can be sure of a faster and more convenient medical appointment. Think about the time you can save compared to getting a medical checkup appointment the traditional way.

Cost Effective
Traditional or personal medical checkups are on its highest rate right now.  Amwell services offer the same medical checkup at half its price.

To add more at their already impressive features, Amwell is the first telehealth platform to integrate with Apple’s health app. As an iOS user and fan, this is such a big plus for me.

FREE Amwell Doctor Visit
Amwell’s service is now available at 46 states. To get more information about them and what they offer, you can visit their website – you can use the promo code BEWELL5 for your first complimentary Amwell visit. Now you can see a doctor any time or even while in bed at the comfort of your very own home.


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  • Nicole Feliciano

    I agree with you technology is changing rather quickly, but this a great sign that it is changing for the better!

  • Shaun McGahey

    I’ve joked with a friend (who’s a PA) that she should charge me whenever I call/text her asking for medical advice!! Crazy how much things have changed since my parents needed to call a doctor about any medical questions that they had about me!

  • Jeanine

    I love this idea so much. I hate taking my kids into a germy doctors office when I get sick or need to be seen. This would be a much better option.

  • Pam

    I love AmWell. We have used it several times when we couldn’t get to the in person doctor.

  • Brandy

    I love that there is a way to see doctor virtually like this, I am sure it is super helpful for many families! Glad many of the blogging community are sharing the information about Amwell.

  • Liz Mays

    I put off doctor visits all the time! This is something I would actually go through with though since there’s not much effort involved!

  • Rose Sahetapy

    I’ve never heard about it before but ti’s really good you sharing it. This kind of information I am sure very valuable for many. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Lisa

    As a busy mom of 4, I appreciate services like this. Only needed it once so far, but it was very helpful!

  • OurFamilyWorld

    Amwell sounds like a great service. This is perfect for people like who don’t like going to a doctor’s clinic right away.

  • Heather

    I love this! Especially as the mom of three little ones. I don’t often like to go out with all three of them when one is sick. Not to mention trying to get a sick little into the car and out to the dr.’s isn’t a fun experience. Having this option would be nice!

  • Scott

    This is so much nicer than waiting in an office hoping you have a friendly doctor (and low co-pay). Plus no chance of needles!

  • TP Keane

    I didn’t know about this, it’s very helpful. There’s been a few times I could have done with it too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Victoria Sconion

    I could definitely use this since my kids don’t get sick often this service would be better than spending hours in the ER or going to the doctor’s office for minor illness.

  • Claire

    I wish we had something similar here in the UK, having to visit the doctor every few weeks is such a pain! I could definitely use this!

  • Stacey

    Oh wow! I have not head of this service. This is awesome. Sometimes it is really hard to get in or just to simply schedule a traditional appointment. I need to check this out!

  • Jessica {Swanky Recipes}

    This sounds wonderful. I just waiting waiting at what services they offer or testing of things like ear infections the doctors office for anything, especially with potential sick people I’m curious how they would test for strep or an ear infection. Would they source the testing out?

  • Di

    I do think we’ll see more and more of this as the years progress and technology moves forward. I’m reminded of some movie scenes where the whole hospitals are automated lol! I don’t think it’ll go that far but there will for sure be more skype type visits. Great for out of hours non-emergencies!

  • Janis @MommyBlogExpert

    This sounds like such a great convenience, especially for moms who have multiple kids who they would have to leave the house to go to a doctor appt. That’s great that it’s already available in 46 states too.

  • jen

    Cool, you can do this all at home? That’s really neat.

  • Yona Williams

    It’s good to know that something like this exists. I hope these promo codes are still around if and when I need to ever use this service.

  • Erin

    Services like this are just awesome! I really love that this is out there for people!