Sculpsure Treatment with Dr. Neumann of Nassau Plastic Surgical Associates

If your clothes could talk, what would they say? Will it be a positive remark or a comment of loneliness for being shunned away in the very far corner of your closet? I know for a fact I have quite a few apparel that I have labeled “to be worn again” once I feel comfortable to do so or “insert whatever reason here”. Admit it or not, a lot of you are guilty of this too if charged.

A lot of you (and even my close family and friends) have personally shared that I look good the way I am, that I do not need to lose any more weight – here’s the thing, I want to be comfortable with my own skin. Yes, yes I know about body love and accepting myself for who I am — but there is nothing wrong with wanting to do something for yourself. In my opinion, if it makes you happy just do it. Don’t let anyone’s opinion make you think twice. With all honesty I am not all too worried about my weight. Heck, I don’t really care if I lose the weight but … there’s that big BUT … I want to get rid of my muffin top. No doubt about it. Do sit-ups they say. Do crunches too. Except, they all think I have one too many reason or excuses. Have they NEVER heard of STUBBORN subcutaneous fat? Probably not. Thankfully, we now have Sculpsure treatments.

As I have mentioned last week on my post “What is this Non-invasive (Fat Reduction) Laser Treatment called Sculpsure?” – They had me at Non-Invasive. In fact, today I had my Sculpsure Treatment with Dr. Peter Neumann of Nassau Plastic Surgical Associates. His office is located in Roslyn Heights, NY which is a bit of a distance coming from NJ but not as much of a train ride from NYC. On my way to my appointment, I was filled with excitement.

First impression as soon as I arrived in the premises was a quiet ambiance. It didn’t take me long to find the suite. Inside I was greeted warmly by the staff and felt very at ease. I filled out a very short form about myself and what area(s) of my body do I want to have the treatment. Not for long, a staff guided me to the treatment room where Dr. Neumann have elaborated how the treatment works and the procedure / process that will take place.

In a snap, I was hooked up with paddles. Shortly after … 25-minutes was done. Just like that. No discomfort. No pain. I was totally comfortable the whole time. I had a staff asking me throughout the procedure how I am feeling and what pain/comfort level is basing from their chart. If there’s anything, it’s like having a quick workout without working out.

During My Sculpsure Treatment

I documented everything through my Snapchat and if you aren’t following me yet, feel free to do so ❝ AngelaBethea❞. I will update this post with the video once I get around to uploading it in my youtube channel. I am sure some of you are wondering already if there was any visible results right after the procedure – it’s not a magical procedure BUT I did noticed something right after. My subcutaneous fat felt less thick when I tried pinching my belly. It was quite jiggly too which resembles that of a jello. The way I see it, that’s my disrupted fat cells that I will eventually eliminate naturally in about 6-12 weeks.

Dr. Neumann informed me that I should see results in as short as 4 weeks but can be up to 12 weeks. He is very informative and easy to talk to. In fact he makes me feel very comfortable and that I am in good hands. I had no worries whatsoever and don’t have any questions unanswered.

Dr. Peter NeumannPIN IT!

Since I have about 12 weeks before I start seeing results, I’ve decided that I will be documenting my progress each week, tally it down and then I will be sharing what I have gathered every 4 weeks. In my opinion that’s the best way for me to share a thorough and accurate review. If you wish to know more about Sculpsure and if you’re in town or from the area, take some time to visit Dr. Neumann‘s website or check out the information below for more ways to contact him.

Nassau Plastic Surgical Associates, P.C.
1 Expressway Plaza – Suite 201
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Phone: 1.516.484.0800
Fax: 1.516.484.0833

Don’t forget to come back and check out my Sculpsure treatment journey! Once again, if you have any questions feel free to ask through my comment box or contact form. Until next post! xo


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