Groovin’ Along Sonos One Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

Do you love music? Are you one of those people who love using streaming services? If you answered yes to both, then we have two things in common! And as one music lover to another, I would want to let you in on a little secret—the latest technology in the music industry, the smart speaker for music lovers. Guessed it yet? It’s the new Sonos One Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant that was just launched at my local Best Buy.

Just like most speakers, the Sonos One speaker allows you to listen to your favorite song anytime, anywhere! But its advanced features make it a cut above the rest. Aside from being wireless, it is fully integrated with the Amazon Alexa platform.

Amazon Alexa is a built-in easy-to-use voice service that can allow you to operate the speakers hands-free! Using your voice, you are able to control the volume as well as the song that the speaker will play. More than playing songs, you can also enjoy other Amazon Alexa skills like monitoring the traffic, listening to the news, checking the weather, even manage all your smart devices.

sonos one speakerPIN IT!

sonos onePIN IT!

sonos onePIN IT!

sonos onePIN IT!

To get started, just connect the speakers to your Wifi, set up the speaker and choose the Sonos skill in the Alexa app and you can operate the speaker remotely. I love this high tech feature because I can do a lot of things hands-free. This feat would come in handy and really useful once our little one arrives. Imagine having to take care of his diaper changing or while breastfeeding and I’ve decided to play a lullaby for him. I can just ask our Sonos One with Alexa to do so without having to juggle things around.

Even more, I can also get news updates even if I am carrying him around the house or while cooking! And when I combine voice with the Sonos app, it will be easy for me to manage my music in all streaming services (Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Internet Radio—you name it!) using just one device!

sonos one speakerPIN IT!

Another fantastic feature of the Sonos One Wireless Speaker is that you can easily connect it to Sonos Home Sound System to play music in any part of your home. This sound system is an absolute must-have if you enjoy listening to music, just ask Alexa to play your choice of music and directly listen to it no matter what part of the house you choose — home office, the living room, bedroom, etc. Start and control your choice of music with the command of your voice.

And of course, the Sonos speaker won’t get left behind when it comes to the aesthetic appeal too! Their speakers feature a seamless, minimalist solid colored (all-black or all-white) design with a smooth matte finish which is perfect for the décor of our humble abode.

Indeed, the Sonos One Wireless Speaker is this generation’s music (and entertainment) perfect partner in crime! Ready to groove along with the Sonos One? Visit your nearby Best Buy store or check it out online at »

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  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I’ve been hearing a lot about the Sonos. I love how you can do pretty much everything through it. The future is now!

  • robin rue

    I love my Echo (Alexa) and I listen to music from my Amazon Prime account through her every single day. Sonos sounds great for music lovers.

  • Sarah Bailey

    This sounds like such an awesome device, I love that it can play music and how awesome that it links up with Amazon’s service of Alexa as well!

  • Erica{Mama Ash}

    This looks super cool, I’ve been thinking of getting one of these myself.

  • JEanette

    I SOOO want this for christmas! I love wireless speakers! These are pull out better than the ones I own now.

  • Beth Davidson

    I just have to tell this story… My parents have Alexa, and for some reason she added “get welfare” to their to-do list. It makes me want to get my own to see what she comes up with.. Lol

  • Cassie

    I’ve been interested in getting a voice speaker but haven’t been sure which one is right for us. I am going to check out this one for sure

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I love that this is connected to Amazon’s Alexa. I also really like the simplistic styling behind this speaker.

  • Kristina

    This would be great to have in my sons nursery! He loves to listen to lullabies and we use our phone for it right now but this would be so much better!

  • Stephanie Parrell

    This is some fancy stuff right here! I would love to be able to use speakers handsfree like this. Checking this out for Christmas fo sure!

  • Karen Morse

    I love the sleek design of this one, it’s definitely something that you’d love to have at home especially if you like listening to music. It’s compact as well and doesn’t take up a lot of space!

  • Melissa Chapman

    It is great to have asystem that is voice activated and you can control with hands free like if you are working out. I love that you can use all the streaming services with Sonos.

  • Katrina

    I love the Sonos speaker! Work sells them and ever since they’ve brought them out I’ve been dying to get one for myself. Need one for every room in the house!

  • Jessica Joachim

    This seems really great! I know my husband would love something like this for his garage as a Christmas gift. I will have to check it out!

  • Ana De- Jesus

    I saw someone else talk about the Sonos one speaker and I am hooked! I love that it not only plays music but is always wireless. Isn’t it amazing how advanced technology is becoming? x

  • Terri Steffes

    Isn’t technology the best??? I am sure you are getting so excited. I know I am and I am just a loyal reader!

  • Amy D

    I constantly listen to music around my house! Especially in the bathroom while showering and doing makeup! I need one of these!

  • Michelle W

    This will be a great addition in our living room or anywhere in the house. You practically don’t have to stop whatever you are doing, which is very convenient, literally just ask ALEXA. I am mind blown.

  • Ruth I.

    This sure is another hit in the techno world. It’s amazing how the technology makes life easier and interesting!

  • serena

    I love my Sonos. Have a few of them throughout the house. Good to see this partnership with Amazon

  • Kathy

    That sounds like a great product. I have been hearing a bit more about this product lately. Sounds like something that I need to get too.

  • Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    That’s pretty amazing! I love playing music especially when I’m working or when I’m in the kitchen. Having this would be awesome.

  • HilLesha O'Nan

    The Sonos One Wireless Speaker sounds perfect for any audiophile! I’ll definitely have to look into this much as I love listening to music.

  • AnnMarie John

    I work better when I’m playing music so this device will do me so much good! I think it’s perfect and it’s definitely something that I’d get for our home.

  • KAity | With Kids and Coffee

    The Sonos sound like they would be super simple to use! Love that it links up to Alexa.

  • up run for life

    That is cool that they added Alexa to this speaker. I love being able to control the music with my voice.

    My husband has Alexa on his tablet and loves it.

  • reesa

    This is the first I am hearing about SONOS. It has a lot of great features, especially with Alexa!

  • Kayla Uimari

    I haven’t had a speaker in years, I’ve been looking to buy one but not a cheap, low-quality one! This one looks like it might be perf!!

  • Melissa

    I see this everywhere, and have read such great reviews! Definitely will need to try sometime now. And your photos are so good!

  • Jeanine

    I’d love to try this for music throughout the house. Especially outdoors too during nice weather and BBQs. Amazing how much technology is advancing!

  • Bradley C Finnearty

    It is hard to find a speaker like this that has a quality sound that I like. I am going to have to take your advice and check it out.

  • Lynndee

    That is so neat! I enjoy listening to music too and that sounds like a great speaker. I must check that out at Best Buy.

  • Cassie Tucker

    I didn’t know that Amazon was extending Alexa past their own speakers. Sonos is a great brand, so maybe it is time for me to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Well I know what’s going on my holiday wish list. I’ve been thinking about getting a Sonos speaker for a few years now but have always hesitated. Now that it has the Alexa integration I can see myself using it more.

  • Terri Beavers

    I love music and always have it going. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these and after reading your post, I’m pretty sure I will purchase one.

  • Nicole Kamai

    It is cool how almost everything works with Alexa so well!!! I may have to add this to my Christmas list!

  • Heather

    What a pretty speaker! We have so many reasons to need a wifi speaker. It feels like every room in our home should have one so we’re not moving it around the entire house!

  • TColeman

    This speaker look like it is great! I have seen these and always wondered whether to get one.

  • Ayana Pitterson

    I bought a wireless speaker the other day and LOVE it. I need to buy another one for my hubby though as he is always taking mine. Never heard of this brand, but thanks for sharing some information on it. I will check it out for sure.

    Thrifting Diva

  • Anjanette Young

    I love the look of this speaker. I really need one of these while I work. I get so much done when I have music on.

  • Cherri Megasko

    I’ve thought about getting Alexa and this would be a great addition. My husband would love it!

  • Wildish Jess

    We need a good speaker for our downstairs. Something small but with power like this.