How to Start a Blog

Have you ever considered starting a blog to promote your personal business or simply to share your ideas? Starting your own blog is totally easy and inexpensive (FREE). In other words, even a 7 year old who can use facebook can make one up within minutes. The best way to get started is to familiarize yourself with platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.

Most likely for a beginner you’ll have tons of questions, such as …
1. what is Blogging?
2. What is Blogger … isn’t it just the same thing as Blogging?
3. What about WordPress?

Basic Answer …
1. First of all, Blogging is the term we use to refer to what a person does. I am a blogger, and what I share on my blog is called blogging. Basically when I write an article or share an idea it is called “blogging”.
2. Blogger is not the same as blogging. Blogger can be referred to as two different things. The “Blogger” is the person doing the act of blogging. Basically a writer who is writing, except on this case it is the person behind the computer sharing their thought process. The other meaning for “Blogger” is the website you go to where you can share your opinion as well as thoughts.

3. WordPress is the same as Blogger … these two are the main website anyone can recommend to be the easiest platform to get started at to share your ideas. Basically its like Facebook – it is an online place where you share your thoughts and pictures … the only difference is that a blog is customized the way you want it and will not be known to your friends unless you start to share your blog url to them. Once you get used to blogging, you’ll eventually find out that there are so much more blog interface available out there (e.g. Tumblr, Typepad, Xanga, etc.).

How To Get Started?
1. Ask yourself what are the things that you are passionate about.
2. Would this idea be something you can talk about and share with others?
3. Will you run out of ideas? If you say yes, go back to number 1.

Suggestion …
Stick with one topic or none at all. Make your blog centered to one niche or make a lifestyle / general blog where you can share about anything and everything. If you do choose to share everything and mixed topics, just make sure you have a well designed blog to avoid clutter and organize your post by categories so they are easy to find.


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