Look ‘Ma! No Brush with TEMPTU’s Signature Starter Kit

Finally I am back with a major update and review featuring TEMPTU‘s Signature Starter Kit. I’ve been hanging out with this instant favorite and honestly can’t wait for this post to go live. Just so happens I’ve been overwhelmed with my hectic schedule.

Notes: For those of you whom had been following me on my social networks would of known that this month we started packing for our big move … Hubby officially bid Osan Korea goodbye and we got back here in New York the 28th. Finally my hubby is back home from serving more than 10 years overseas. His next station will be in Mcguire New Jersey. Yay! Finally, I am back online … with lots of catching up to do. So I apologize for being behind on my updates and thank you for all of your continued support.

A few weeks back I received an email letting me know that I have been chosen among a few top lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers to create a classic day beauty look with TEMPTU’s Signature Starter Kit for their #TEMPTUDaynNight campaign … which literally made me jump out of my seat as I couldn’t contain my excitement. Who wouldn’t be? It’s TEMPTU!!! If you’re a beauty junkie, then you would know exactly what I mean, if not then you’re missing out. Don’t fret if you don’t as this post is perfect for both the enthusiast and newbie’s too!

Let’s get started with the package that I have received … their Best Seller the Signature Starter Kit includes:

  • AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
  • 1 AIRpod Foundation – Ivory
  • 1 AIRpod Blush – Soft Peach
  • 1 AIRpod Highlighter – Champagne
  • 3 Pod Stand
  • Signature Clear Makeup Bag

Temptu Signature Starter KitPIN IT!

Temptu Signature Starter Kit ReviewPIN IT!

Temptu Signature Starter KitPIN IT!

Temptu AirpodPIN IT!

Temptu Signature Starter Kit ReviewPIN IT!

With this kit, you don’t need any special skills … it’s as easy as 1, 2 & 3! Hence my title as “Look ‘Ma! No brush.” as this system is absolutely “User-Friendly“. There’s no need for brushes or sponges, this kit is all you need to airbrush like a Pro! Now even the newbies can achieve that flawless look effortlessly.

How-To Use TEMPTU’s Signature Starter Kit

Helpful Tips and Videos of how to use TEMPTU:
AIRpod Makeup System Set Up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D4pafu48zY
AIRpod Gun and Dial Information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD9Qua1DDSw

For this campaign I am sharing my Classic Day look channeling a “No Makeup, Makeup Look” with enough coverage to diminish the appearance of my blemishes (breakouts). Dewy / Glowing skin is my go to style when it comes to my makeup as I don’t want to look all dolled-up but presentable enough to hide away my skin imperfection. Check out the photos below for a visual guide of the steps I have taken.

Bare Face

Before Temptu Bare FacePIN IT!

AIRpod Foundation in Ivory

Temptu Foundation IvoryPIN IT!
1. Hold the gun like a pencil. Leave enough space in between your face and the gun. Remember to pull the trigger gently as the harder you pull, the more product you will spray. Make sure to do a circular motion to avoid build up and to maintain a natural look.

AIRpod Blush in Soft Peach

Temptu Blush Soft PeachPIN IT!
2. Gently pull the trigger halfway and apply the blush to add a hint of color on the cheeks. On this photo I have also applied the Soft Peach on my lips and finished it off with a gloss.

AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne

Temptu Highlighter ChampagnePIN IT!
3. Add highlights on the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and cheek bone for a healthy luminous outcome. You control how dewy the finish look would be as well as the areas.

Overall: great coverage, does not feel cakey and looks natural! This definitely made it to my “instant favorite” list. I would recommend this product to everyone I know. Absolutely worth saving up for as this will pay for itself in time. Say goodbye to skin imperfection and say hello to beautiful flawless look just like the celebrities’.

Before and After Look

Before and After TemptuPIN IT!
No makeup brush or sponge were used to achieve this Classic Day look. Aside from the Foundation, Blush and Highlight I simply filled in my brows, added a small wing liner at the edge of my eyes and a clear lip gloss. Voila! Flawless natural looking day makeup.

Temptu Airbrush LookPIN IT!

Temptu Airbrush LookPIN IT!

On this overall look you can see that my blemishes/acne had been diminished and my skin looks a lot healthier and glowing. The coverage is lightweight on the skin and long lasting without looking too dewy or too matte … just right. Do note that it feels like I am not wearing any makeup at all.

After our big move I will be making a video tutorial to show how I achieve this look. So make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet. Feel free to share your comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.


TEMPTU is holding a contest for this campaign … a blogger in each category of Day or Night and two random voter will each win $200 towards TEMPTU products (4 prizes total). So if you’ve been wishing to have your very own airbrush kit then this is your chance! If you already have one you can choose to use the $200 towards other products on TEMPTU’s website. So what are you waiting for? Click this link featuring my post ❝ Look ‘Ma! No Brush with TEMPTU’s Signature Starter Kit! ❞ and Cast Your VOTE by clicking Share/Like/Retweet … each share goes towards one entry! Don’t miss it!

Feel free to share my looks / post across your social networks too and if possible tag me @koreandoll along with the hashtag #TEMPTUDaynNight … xo

FTC: Product[s] mentioned on this post were provided by Tidal Labs Team in behalf of Temptu. All reviews I publish are my own honest and unbiased opinion. Press samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of my product reviews. Post contains a link to a product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission.


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    I have tried air brush makeup before and I totally love how clean and natural it looks! I can’t wait to have my own. I joined the Temptu contest by the way. I hope you win hun. You did so well on this review. You deserve it! If only it’s about the quality of the write-up and details of the artistry I’d say you’ve definitely nailed this one right off the bat.

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