The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

In this post, I am highlighting a woman’s view of gifts for men. Most women are not into gadgets, so you have to tell us what you want. Simply put, you have to hint … loudly. As for me, however, I am personally into tech, except it’s the other way around, it is MY husband who simply can’t put into words what he is pining for.

Women often are quite clueless as to what gift to give out to men. Be it their husband, father, brother, cousin, or best friend. Guys are impossible for any girl to shop for. And, that’s because most guys just go out and buy the “whatever it is” for themselves if they really want it. On this note, my friends would ask me every now and then for a recommendation and what I think are the best gifts for the season or occasion.

If only it were that easy to figure out what they want. Am I right, ladies? Their remark is quite the same … that “Guys are impossible”. If you ask them what they want, they say:

  • * “I don’t care.” Big help.
  • * “You can get me a blah-blah-blah technical gizmo that blah-blah-blahs, but, honey, don’t buy it until I check online to see if it has a yadda-yadda-yadda.” And, we have no idea what they are talking about.
  • * “Just get me anything”…as they think to themselves, “That’s what I always do when I shop for you, honey.” Women are trying not to be so desperate that they end up getting their man just “anything.”

God bless the man who comes right out and says, “I want a play station or a certain game, and you can buy it at Best Buy. Wrap the game up, and I’ll pretend to be surprised when I unwrap it on Christmas.” If a guy can come up with 3 of these answers, then we can choose one, or we can find the item on their wish list and buy something to go along with it as a surprise. – Best Christmas Gifts for Men

Yes, we get the joke. When you go to Ask Men, the man only answers questions because he’s paid to do so. Well, I am going to give you my version as to what I think guys would want and can really find some good use for.

1. JLab #1 True Wireless Air Family

    Truly-wireless headphones – Let you listen to your favorite tracks, so you won’t be held back by wires.
    Rechargeable battery – Offers up to 6 hours of use on a charge.
    Sweat-resistant – Provides protection from sweat, so you can easily wear headphones while working out.
    Bluetooth interface – Enables simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled device.
    In-ear design – Fits securely and directs music into your ears for full, uninterrupted audio.
    Stereo design – Delivers crisp tones.
    Dual connect (Air Icon Only) – Use either earbud independently or use both and experience a seamless connection.

2. Bartesian – Premium Cocktail Machine – Create perfectly balanced cocktails with this Bartesian premium cocktail maker. The user-friendly touch screen offers simple functionality, letting you adjust your drink’s strength from mocktail to strong. This Bartesian premium cocktail maker features dedicated dishwasher-safe reservoirs for tequila, whiskey and vodka, and capsule recognition automatically mixes in the correct spirits for the ultimate flavor.

3. PlayStation 4 Pro Console – Battle friends and foes with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console. Its 1TB capacity lets you store plenty of games without an external hard drive, and the dual-shock controller improves your hands-on gaming experience. See enemies in clear, vibrant detail with the included HDMI cable of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console.

4. Nintendo – Switch 32GB Console – Play anywhere with this Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con bundle. The two colorful controllers included with this pack come with a grip to act as a traditional controller or can be attached to the system for mobile play. Dock this Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con bundle to your TV for big-screen gaming.

5. 85” Smart – 4K UHD TV – for the ultimate man cave focal piece

6. iPhone 11 Pro Max

7. Samsung – Galaxy Note10+ with 256GB Memory Cell Phone

8. DJI – Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter with Remote Controller

9. Sony – Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Camera

10. Portable Hard Drive

Overall, I am happy to have my Christmas shopping out of the way. I am hoping that this list of “Best Christmas Gifts For Men” somehow has helped you figure out what you will be getting next. Until next time!


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  • Brianne Tursi Manz

    This is a great gift guide for the man in your life. From husbands, to dads, there’s something for every man.

  • Amy

    My husband would really love anything tech related! He wants some earbuds and a new razor.

  • Nicole

    This is a great list! I have such a hard time buying gifts for my husband. I think something off this list would be perfect for him!

  • Tara Pittman

    My husband would love the TV for a gift. The bigger the TV the better.

  • Chad

    Super love the ideas!!! Like i don’t mind a JLAB wireless headphones, heard so much about them.

  • Emily

    I think my husband would be quite happy with the wireless headphones as a gift.

  • Lisa Joy Thompson

    These are such great gift ideas! My husband is nearly impossible to shop for. I’m always looking for ideas that will surprise him in a good way! 🙂

  • Catalina

    Great ideas for Christmas gifts! I always have difficulty for what to choose for my husband’s gift!

  • Lashunta

    Great ideas! I think couples in general have a tough time finding the “perfect” gift.

  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Hhhaaaa….a “portable hard-drive” will be best, according to me. It always comes in handy and most especially, in this festive season!

  • Emma smith

    Good list, Angela. I find it hard to buy for everyone, not just then men in our family! 🙂 Gadgets are often a pretty good bet.

  • krystal

    it’s so hard to shop for men. this is a great list to get started!

  • Anne Marie

    Love the portable hard drive idea. My husband is studying to be a realtor, and I think that would come in handy for all the pictures he’ll be taking of homes.

  • Jill Nunn

    JLab makes some awesome products! They are at the top of our list too!

  • Claudia Krusch

    Love your list! Saved so many favorites for hubby’s list!


    Thankfully my husband isn’t a gadget freak. He’s quite easy to buy for. Having been married for 15 years I should hope I’d have an idea of what he’d like lol.

  • Ashley nichols

    Thank you for these ideas! My husband is hard to buy for and I am always looking for ideas!

  • Joanna

    What a great list! That cocktail machine sounds pretty fantastic, I had no idea that a gadget like this existed.

  • Emman Damian

    I want a Bartesian – Premium Cocktail Machine for Christmas! It sounds so fun! I hope to get one soon. So cool!

  • joy

    good list you put together. the portable hard drive would make sense. oddly enough i am still clueless what nintendo switch is despite dozens of commercials.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  • Sonia Seivwright

    You are so right the 1st one. That would be every men’s dream…

  • Jennifer

    My husband would LOVE to have that 85″ television. He’s been drooling over that for months.

  • Matt Taylor

    As a guy I can say, that the list is pretty spot on. You had me at 85″ TV! lol 🙂

  • Sarah Bailey

    What some great ideas! I love the idea of giving a switch my other half would absolutely love on I am sure.

  • Mahmudul

    Hey, those all are great gifts… Love it. thanks for informing

  • tweenselmom

    Great list but most of these are expensive. Glad my husband just wants a starwars PS4 game 🙂

  • Celebrate Woman Today

    I love making thoughtful gifts to my men in my life. These gift ideas on the list are a great starter.

  • Rhian westbury

    Tech always tends to focus heavily in mens gift guides, although I tend to go more for entertainment like playstation games and dvd’s and clothes x

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    Men can be so difficult to buy for, tech is always a good option. I’ve added an amazon echo to my husband’s list this year

  • Jenni

    These are great ideas and my partner would love them all but unfortunately they are out of our budget

  • Christopher Mitchell

    As a man, I can indeed confirm that a little iPhone 11 action for Christmas would be great!

  • Emily

    Great post, although I already know what I’m getting my husband as a gift for Christmas this year, the new Fitbit 🙂

  • Mudpiefridays

    Looks like a lot of great gift ideas for men. I don’t know why, but the men in my life are always hard to shop for. Really, it seems all guys are. I’m glad you made this list.

  • AMY

    Oh, Smart TV would be the perfect gift for the man of my life! I think my son would love the PlayStation 4 Pro Console

  • Elizabeth O

    These are fantastic gift ideas! I have so many guy friends that would love these. Thanks for the wonderful recommendations.

  • Becky

    Men can be so hard to buy for! Thank you for giving some ideas of what they might like.

  • Rebecca Smith

    You could have written this about my other half, haha! He is desperate for a PS4 Pro and a new phone yet can’t decide between iPhone or Samsung. He’s also just bought us a new TV! Great gift ideas.

  • Kiwi

    A cocktail machine sounds fun! I am really going to look into truly gifting someone one of those.

  • Anosa

    I love these ideas, my dad wants a new iPhone and my brother a new Samsung, definitely need to get them those.

  • Playdays and Runways

    I definitely agree with the Nintendo Switch. It’s such a cool little console and perfect to take on your travels

  • angelina

    Wow, so many great tips that I can use here. What an amazing gift guide!

  • Myrah Duque

    I like ALL these gift recommendations for men! I think I will be getting my husband for Christmas this year, a new Fitbit. He is in real need of a new one.

  • twinspirational

    Oh thanks for the great ideas..! Men’s gift are harder to think through than women. Imo. Haha. Nice blog.

  • Cindy s

    These are some really good gift ideas!!