Tips to Find Affordable Designer Jewelry

Hankering for a new piece of designer jewelry but hesitant to spend a fortune? You’re in luck –options abound for the bargain hunter who’s interested in scoring some new bling. Before you hit the streets with your wallet open, however, it’s important to know how to find the best deals. Here are some of the can’t miss places to hit up and tips to guide you in your pursuit of an inexpensive hidden gem.

Craft Fairs

Say the words craft fair and the image of a grandmother sitting with a handful of hand-knitted sweaters will often be conjured up. Today’s craft fairs are much more modern affairs, with hundreds of designers and bargains by the dozen.

• Find unique pieces from up-and-coming designers whose work is outstanding but the prices reflect the newcomer status.
• Speak directly to the artists.
• Have access to huge numbers of creators in a small space that’s carefully curated.

What’s not to love? If you are not sure about a purchase, take the vendor’s card to bring home – that way you can always find his or her online presence and make a selection later.

Garage Sales
These sites are prime locations for the jewelry hunter because you can unearth a treasure trove of items at a steal. In order to ensure you have the best chances of bringing home something great, invest in a indispensible tool: a loupe. This small magnifier yields big results by allowing you to check any pieces for markings (metal purity signifiers, a designer’s signature, etc.). If you find something you like, but are not sure you want to pay the asking price, ask nicely to see if the cost is negotiable. You never know unless you ask!

Specialty Websites
Make a designer jewelry acquisition without leaving the comfort of your home by perusing one of the specialty websites set up for this purpose. Specialty sites such as or Bauble Bar offer affordable pieces that are also high quality and feature exquisite designs. Whichever online merchant you shop at, make sure they are clear and upfront about all pieces’ specifications and servicing offered.

Thrift Stores
These havens of unheard-of prices can require some legwork to find and navigate, but all efforts pay off in spades when you nab something you love at a fraction of its value. If you find a store you like, ask if they have a sale day. Some stores discount all items in a particular department one day per week, so it’s worth stopping by on that day when you can. Make sure to examine things closely, just as you would at a garage sale. Also, return often and avoid feeling discouraged if you leave empty-handed. Who knows – next time you might find the deal of a lifetime!


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