Tips to Stay Sane While in Isolation

While we’re all stuck at home due to the coronavirus, it may be hard to stay sane. Even introverts are having a difficult time not being able to venture outdoors. With so many of us being stuck at home, I wanted to provide some tips to help you stay sane while held in isolation.

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Below you’ll find some helpful tips and tricks to keep your mental health going strong during these trying times.
Tips to Stay Sane While in Isolation

Listen to Music
Make an isolation playlist and have music playing in the background while you’re cooking dinner, doing chores, or getting work done. You can also make a dance party list and have fun dancing around the family room with your kids. They’ll enjoy this time together, and it will help boost everyone’s spirits.

Start a Diary
While some regions seem to be loosening the stay at home isolation rules a bit, there are still areas that are ordered otherwise. During this time, you can start a diary to document your days as a mom during isolation. Make a note of anything funny or neat that happened during your day. Jotting down some notes will give you a little document of memories to review and even share later on in life.

Play Games
Get out some board games, video games, or order some games to have an ample supply of family games to play together. Being stuck at home in isolation with your family can wear everyone down. It’s not easy to keep your spirits up when the kids are starting to get stir crazy. Consider playing games with the family regularly to boost the mood and happiness in your home.

Do Chores Together
Kids of all ages can assist with household chores. Enjoy having little helpers who can dust with an old sock or assist in washing dishes or even cooking dinner with you. Try to find unique ways to get your kids involved with chores so that you can enjoy them together, perhaps make a chore day playlist so that music guides you as you do tasks together.

Exercise Together
Many online fitness locations are offering free exercise routines for anyone who’s stuck at home and wants to get active. Find some online exercise programs that you can enjoy each day—staying busy. At the same time, social distancing while in isolation will keep your body in shape and boost your happy hormones to increase positivity in the home.

These are just a few of the many ways you can stay sane while in isolation with kids. I know that these times are difficult for all of us, but I do hope you can use these tips to ensure that you stay sane while in isolation.


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