Trendy Handbags in PatPat

I’ve always loved shopping, whether it’s the traditional kind of shopping or buying things online. Personally speaking, it’s such a stress reliever – which I’m sure my family, friends and most readers would definitely agree with. As a millennial shopper, I do more shopping online or over shopping apps because it’s easier, faster and more convenient. I get to shop during my free time, which I have to say is quite limited.

If you love online shopping as much as I do or if you’re a fashion forward person, then you’ve probably already come across PatPat or the PatPat App. They have a wide range of products to choose from – all of which are stylish, high in quality and very affordable! Starting December 25th they launched a Sitewide Sale of 25% OFF with the code XMAS25 which will last until January 3rd! So make sure to check out PatPat while there’s still time to avail the sale. Aside from that, you can also use the code BAGS30 for a 30% OFF discount (coupon will expire on January 9th).

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This online shop prides itself on its competitive affordable price. After using the 30% discount, one stylish handbag is less than $20. While a six-piece handbag set is less than $26, making it less than $5 per bag. But more than that, PatPat prides itself in selling top notch items like tops, dresses, coats, scarves, socks, underwear, bags, jewelry, and a whole lot more. Their assortment of clothing is suitable for any season. Looking for something specific? Simply search the item you want, and you’ll see all the available items. For instance, you want to read reviews first before making a purchase, just click the reviews tab and other shopper’s real reviews and opinion will then show up.

After searching around PatPat, I found this really chic purple weave purse. Just by looking at it I know it’s materials are made with high quality material and is durable. Talk about having something fashionable and yet very reasonably priced! Shopping in the PatPat App is completely secure and payments can be made via Paypal and major credit and debit cards. Furthermore, shopper / users can invite friends with their promo code to earn $5! Definitely the perfect way to start the year! Enjoy shopping.


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  • Robin

    I still love to shop IRL not yet shopping via app unless it’s my NM charge card LOL! Love the hand bag tho, so chic. xoxo Robin

  • Rose

    I have never heard of PatPat. It sounds like something I will need to check out. That purple bag is very nice. I don’t have any bags that color and now I think I may need one.

  • Krysten

    This sounds like a really cool little app. I am downloading it right now!

  • Anosa

    Never knew that application before until I saw it and read on your blogpost. Thanks for sharing and I guess I will download it right away. I love to have discounts on purchases too.

  • Author Brandi Kennedy

    This sounds a lot like the Wish App, which I have used once myself – I got winter coats for my girls from that app, and it worked out beautifully!

  • Hey Sharonoox

    I love the color of this bag! It looks so stylish and cool. It looks like they’re having an awesome discount. Definitely going to check this app out.

  • Wanderlust Vegans

    I’ll have to check out patpat as it sounds like a good place to find handbags. I need a new handbag because they one I have now is falling apart so maybe I can find something on patpat I like.

  • Angela Key Milnes

    Absolutely looks a cute bag and this is my favorite color, Glad that you share this good review.

  • Kaitlyn

    I really love this purse. I think I would like it in a tan or caramel brown. I think it looks like great quality as well!


  • mira pstr

    I love the handbag, especially the color, I never heard about this app before =, I will check it out it looks interesting, Thank you for sharing

  • Msddah

    Love this bag and I even love the color more. Funny, I dont have anything like this but now I am gonna be on a look out!