Beautiful Inside and Out with Vitamin Shoppe #VitaBeauty

Hello said the sun … and so the fun begins. 💕 That’s right my dear beauties! It’s the first day of summer and I’m so excited to share this Summer-inspired Vita-Beauty Refresh with Vitamin Shoppe. Of all the seasons, this one is my favorite – and also the perfect time to refresh, renew and rejuvenate (with a mango shake or piña colada in one hand).

Let’s face it, despite the beauty of winter wonderland and the lovely festivities that comes with it, it doesn’t come without a price – hair frizz, split ends, dry skin, brittle nails, and the list goes on. Which is why a reboot is definitely in order. Looking and feeling good isn’t just about proper skincare routine and flawless makeup application, it all starts from within.

Vitamin Shoppe VitaBeautyPIN IT!

What better way to get started than flipping a few inspirational and informative editorials from Muscle & Performance, Amazing Wellness and a Ladies Burnout Tee. The following are an assortment of vitamins, supplements as well as topical beauty products for the hair, skin and nails that easily fit on anyone’s daily routine or beauty regime.

… and if you’re wondering, yes Vitamin Shoppe carries their own line of beauty products that are available across their 800+ stores and online website


Vitamin Shoppe  Avocado OilPIN IT!

I have always been a huge fan of all sorts of beauty oils and since I have never tried avocado oil (despite the fact that I eat this nutrient-dense fruit quite regularly on my salad or drink it in form of a smoothie), it was an exciting opportunity to discover its uses and benefits. What I found out is that it smells wonderful, lightweight and infused with an antioxidant Vitamin E, perfect for balancing, and moisturizing the skin.

Ever heard of the oil cleansing method? I totally swear by this step – massaging the avocado oil gently all over my face to help dissolve the oil that has hardened with the impurities stuck under my pores. Resulting in a deeper, gentler cleanse that balances my skin’s natural oils.


Vitamin Shoppe  Coconut OilPIN IT!

We all know that coconut oil comes with many uses – many of which I have implemented into my lifestyle routine. You’ll find one on my bathroom for my hair and skin care, and another on my kitchen for cooking. Did I say cooking? Yep. I love making my pad thai, or sautéing my vegetable or fish with a tablespoon or two of this dietary staple. I am quite the chef in our household, I love whipping things up in the kitchen while watching Master Chef and other cooking shows – which helped me achieve a better understanding that coconut oil adds depth of flavor in my dishes compare to using regular cooking oil.

Not a big fan of cooking? No problem. Like I have mentioned I also use coconut oil for my beauty regimen – one of which is moisturizing my hair with this magical potion before bleaching my hair. I promise you it’s amazing. I have fried and damaged my hair one too many times in the past. Until I came across of a beauty hack and ever since then, I never bleached my hair without pre-treating it first with coconut oil. To add to the list, you can also use it as an eye makeup removal, cuticle moisturizer, and lip balm.


Vitamin Shoppe  Alpa Lipoic Acid Anti Aging CremePIN IT!

Have I ever confessed that I am in love with slathering my face with creams and potions? Well, if I haven’t — the answer to that is YES. I recently turned 30, and with all honesty I really wished I got started early. I will never get tired of stating that “prevention is better than cure” – yes, wrinkles is inevitable and it will happen, but if I can prolong it from taking place and looking apparent with creams … so be it.

This lipoic cream is best used shortly after cleansing while the skin is still slightly damp to aid in sealing the skin with extra moisture. Hello supple skin!


Vitamin Shoppe Hyaluronic Acid SerumPIN IT!

The ever increasing popularity of hyaluronic acid as a moisturizing booster didn’t go unnoticed in my skin care department. Great for its moisturizing and hydrating properties but much better known for boosting elasticity as it is able to penetrate into the dermis.

Just like the avocado oil, I am quite new to the HA serum (also comes in cream version) but very eager to try it out and discover its benefits. Does it work? Oh yes, it really does! My skin feels plumper and healthier. Perfect timing for the glowing days of summer.


Vitamin Shoppe VitaminsPIN IT!

Vitamin Shoppe VitaminsPIN IT!

Vitamins and supplements helps our body to refresh and rejuvenate from the inside – which in turn is reflected on the outside. I truly believe that is essential for us to take care of our body … after all, it’s the only place we have to live in.

Vitamin E works round the clock to block free radicals from our body, which plays a tremendous part in the aging process of our skin and body.
Biotin is essential for carbohydrate, fat and amino acid metabolism which is often used to support skin, hair, nails and nutrient metabolism.

It’s Not About Having Time, It’s About Making Time

pebblestheshorkiePIN IT!

pebblestheshorkiePIN IT!

PebblesPIN IT!

This burnout tee is perfect for a quick run, jog or a quick power walk (bringing your dog is optional). Available in 4 colors – gray, royal blue, tahiti blue and plum (very cute and feminine color) for only $19.99 – but if you’re ordering one, make sure you get one size larger. I often wear small tees and I am wearing medium on the photo but it fits more like a small. Despite running small, it feels very soft, comfortable and breathable.


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1 random winner will receive: $100 in Vitamin Shoppe gift cards, gym bag and product. Total value is $250 – winners will be chosen by the Vitamin Shoppe team and the winner will be contacted by them directly. I am hosting the giveaway but in no way responsible in providing and shipping out the prize. Good luck!

This post was sponsored by the Vitamin Shoppe in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand. This blog will always provide honest, unbiased opinion on products reviewed based on personal experience. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Post contains a link to a product page, shopping through this link will not result to a commission.

  • Theresa

    The Vitamin Shop is awesome. My husband gets a lot of his vitamins there.

  • Terri Beavers

    I need to try to win this giveaway. There are many of these products I’d get a lot of use from. You and your little fur baby are darling.

  • candy

    I have never been in the store before, but have been in different vitamin shops. Will have to look to see where the closes one is to where I live.

  • Doria

    Awesome giveaway! I’m a huge fan of consuming/cooking with and using natural oils in my daily life! So good for you inside and out.

  • Heather

    Great giveaway! I need to start taking my biotin again because I like when my hair gets really long.

  • Nancy L.

    I love shopping at Vitamin Shoppe for beauty products. Coconut oil is a must-have in my book. I use it on my hair, skin, nails and more. I have to try the Avocado Carrier Oil. It sounds wonderful!
    Great Giveaway!

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I agree with your statement: it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. WHen it comes to health & fitness, a little preparation and dedication goes a long way. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Cat

    This looks like an awesome box of goodies–we don’t have any Vitamin Shop locations near us, but I definitely do need to go get more coconut oil. Thanks for the reminder!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg I just love the Vitamin Shoppe!!! I’m always finding all sorts of healthy goodies there! I would love to win this giveaway

  • Destany

    I am trying to incorporate more hyaluronic acid in my skin care routine! I have loved the products I’ve tried with HA in it.

  • Kathy Myers

    Awe man I missed the giveaway. What a great box of goodies. This would help me with my healthy kick I am in!!

  • Mommy Levy

    I like how you did the levitation thing on your last picture. I don’t know if this brand is available in our country, will try to check it out

  • Dana

    I never knew that Vitamin Shoppe had their own beauty products. I’ll have to go and check them out!

  • Mary Edwards

    I didn’t even know about avocado oil! I learned a ton of new health info from this post.I will be bookmarkng this. Thanks!

  • Amanda Love

    It definitely sounds like a great find. It’s nice to have reliable products that will help you take better care of yourself especially when it comes to your health.

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    I love the content of this box. It has so many amazing items in it. So cool!

  • rika

    Great giveaway! I love this store… i need to order more vitamins from them!

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