My Waggin’ MVP + a Treat for You and Your FurBaby!

My beautiful fur baby Pebbles is growing faster than I can imagine. In fact, I can still picture her back when I can lift her with one hand. Now, she’s gotten bigger and longer so I have to lift her with both of my hands. Through the months I’ve gotten to know my fur-baby’s personality even more … she doesn’t like eating dry food on her bowl … but if it’s wet food she’d go through it in a heartbeat! Knowing dry food is much better for her teeth, I had to find one that she will eat without a fuss and that is the Purina moist and meaty burger.

Just like every pet owners out there, I only want what’s best for my little bit. If it makes her happy I try my best to get it for her. Pebbles is very active and playful. She loves to run around and play chase. In fact her favorite sport is Canicross and Agility Challenge – both involves running around. With Purina’s meaty burger, I get to teach her a few tricks (using each strand/kibble as a treat) … and so far she knows the command Up, Down, Sit, No, Paw and currently she is learning Bang-Bang.

Funny Shocked Expression by Pebbles

PurinaMVP, PurinaPIN IT!

My fur-baby gets quite stubborn when I try to use other treats or food. She would refuse to eat or simply pretend that she don’t hear or understand the command I am giving. So I guess you can already expect who wins when it comes to choosing her food. She knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything else. I guess she got that from me.

PurinaPIN IT!

Yes, Pebbles loves her Purina and as our way to share the love … we’re hosting this awesome giveaway for (5) $50 Walmart Gift Cards! That’s right, there will be 5 lucky winners. This giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday, March 6th 2015.

Purina Big Game 2015

Make sure to join and try your luck asap as this giveaway won’t be here for long. This is probably the easiest $50 y’all can try to win … who can resist a treat for yourself and your fur-baby? I know I can’t! So best of luck to all of you who will be participating. Also, feel free to share some love on the comment box below.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lunchbox through their partnership with Purina. While I collaborated to write a post about PurinaMVP, my review and feature is my own honest and unbiased opinion. Collaborations do not, in any way, affect the outcome of my post.