A Warm Homecoming

I am truly blessed. Not just for the life I have, but as well for having friends and loved ones who are always there for me. 3 years have gone by, and yet my friends and family are always ready to give me a warm homecoming. Life is short, and I prefer to keep things simple … live it to the fullest and try not to do things that will make your life shorter or have a reason to live it in despair. I do spontaneous things, but in a sorta calculated way. I change things up so I get to have fun … but not to the point of causing someone to be unhappy.

I’ve been away for a while, and if you’re a close friend you’d know I am not big on keeping people posted with the rest of my day to day story. I hate drama as I don’t feel like there’s a need for anyone to feast on any negativity. Nonetheless, despite having minimum communication and barely having any quality time to hang out … I am surrounded by people who truly care and had never left me high and dry.

Not only that, my best friend Rochelle, her partner Jhoe and her kiddo Carlo visited me in my Mama’s house and brought goodies to munch on along with a super cute mini cake.

sweet heart cakePIN IT!

My girl friends Karen, Mara and Jourdaine also made sure they get to see me right away as soon as I have arrived in Manila.

siakol girls jourdaine crisostomo mara siojo karen samson angela ricardoPIN IT!

Our definition of quality time involves food and drinks over chit chatting while taking a bunch of photos. As per the photo above, that’s us channeling our inner-korean >.< as for me, I don't need to channel much as I am already half korean. To my beloved friends ... thank you so much for everything. I love you all, to the moon and back.