Coding Through STEM Learning Made Easy and Fun with Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Because of the advancement in technology, the educational system of our generation has shifted immensely. Educators of today are now utilizing gadgets and computers to teach young ones as it is proven to be much effective than the traditional way.

This fact paved the way for the STEM educational products. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM products are designed to help the younger generation adapt easily to challenges that relate to science & technology, engineering, and also math.

Wonder Workshop Dash RobotPIN IT!

STEM educational products come in many forms. Most of which are designed like a toy to capture the focus of children. One great example is the Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop – a one of a kind STEM product. Given that I am always around kids (from friends, family and from the military groups), it was inevitable that I start doing my own research given that we have a bundle of joy on the way.

Wonder WorkshopPIN IT!

Wonder Workshop Dash RobotPIN IT!

Wonder Workshop Dash RobotPIN IT!

So here’s an overview, the Dash Robot is a real robot that is designed for children ages 6 and up. It aims to teach children basic coding skills while they are having fun. Even more, the robot can be controlled by the Free Apple, Android or Kindle apps – making it versatile and compatible with multiple devices. Using the app, children can make the Dash Robot move, dance, make sounds and even light up. If that’s not interesting enough, it can also be programmed to react to a child’s voice! Trust me, you would want to have this robot in your home.

Here’s the thing, if we talk about what it was like for me when I first discovered coding – I’d tell you it was interesting, but at the same time, boring if not confusing. Dash Robot took away that gray area and made coding easy, fun and totally enjoyable! On top of that, it doesn’t require specialized programming knowledge to operate. It gives little kids active imagination while also teaching them the art of problem-solving skills which they can use in the future.

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My husband and I tested the Dash Robot first-hand, and you know what? We totally enjoyed every bit of time we spent with it! We both agreed that the Dash Robot is educational, entertaining and thoroughly exciting. Honestly, I really wish this robot had been available around my time. It would surely keep me busy, engaged and interested in coding.

The way we see it, it is a modern educational toy that will bring everyone in the family together. It will spark creativity and if the little ones have questions, mom, dad, as well as the siblings can try to pitch in all the while getting everyone to learn more about STEM and coding.

Two of the best accessories of the Dash Robot is the Dash’s Launcher and Dash’s Xylophone. The Launcher enables Dash Robot to launch a little ball at a pre-determined target. This Launcher is connected to a Wonder App that can be downloaded into a compatible device. It also comes with different sets to target that can be put together by the user. The Xylophone enables Dash Robot to play some music that you programmed it to play. From there, kids can compose their own song and ask the Robot to play it for everyone to hear. Aside from enhancing the programming skills, the Xylophone accessory can also enhance kids’ music creativity.

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To summarize our family surely loves the Dash Robot, and we highly recommend it for everyone. Give the gift of STEM Learning and enhance their skills in a fun yet creative way. Don’t wait! Get yours here »

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