Learn at Home with ABC Mouse

Our son Josiah King Bethea can’t get enough of ABC mouse and we are super thrilled to have the opportunity to share about ABCmouse. Ever since he was 18 months old he struggled a bit with his speech. Since he “borderline” passed all his early intervention assessments, we had to figure things out around by ourselves. Mind you, we were just winging it and it sure wasn’t easy. Then one of his teacher suggested to give ABCmouse a try … and I swear, it was more than anything we could ever expect.

Seriously, he used to get so frustrated because he couldn’t express himself nor be able to say what he really wanted. He went from barely saying and pronouncing any words to actually trying to have a conversation. While most are still babbles, he can now say 2-3 word sentences that we understand.

Honestly, I was one of those “no-screen time” mom, but this app is definitely NOT like any other. After checking it out myself, I immediately had a change if heart. He isn’t just playing games, he is LEARNING the alphabet, letters, spelling, counting numbers, singing songs, playing puzzles, problem solving, and so much more!

Make sure to check out their amazing promotion! Go to ABCmouse.com/athome to get your first month free!


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