Beauty Army Beauty Box for April

My very first beauty box which I ordered from Beauty Army finally arrived in the mail. I was super ecstatic to receive my package as I already know what I will be getting. I do like the idea of a surprise box of goodies … but one part of me still like the idea of knowing what I am about to receive, which is one of my major reasons why I signed up for Beauty Army on the very first place. At any time I don’t like the options given, I can always skip that month. After all, I don’t want my hard earned income to go to waste. Most especially, I need to try to budget my expenses while I am in the middle of my vacation here in New York.

The outer box is beautiful and came in plain black and some printed black and white swirls on the side. Upon opening the package, it revealed yet another box that is in plain white and a faint Beauty Army Logo on top.

April Beauty ArmyPIN IT!

There are 6 products altogether on this box. 2 out of 6 products are mini size while the rest are in full size. Not bad of a deal, after I did get most of it in good sizes, I am just quite surprised how small their “mini” sampler size is.

Beauty Army Beauty Box

April Beauty ArmyPIN IT!
April Beauty ArmyPIN IT!

The first mini product is Cotz Face SPF 40, a sunscreen that comes in natural [brownish] skin tone and blends translucent. Quite a small packaging and net weight is only 3.0 g. In my opinion this is very tiny and would only be enough for 1-2 application. Not enough amount to cover 5-7 application to try and test out to see if the product is right for the tester.

The second mini product is Mark scandal-lash hook up mascara. This may be a sampler and a mini version of normal sized mascara, but the product size is decent and will last quite a while to test out. Easily glides and apply and the brush is really soft. Suitable for contact lens wearer as well. Net weight is 3.5 g or 0/12 oz.

April Beauty ArmyPIN IT!

The first full size product is Jonathan Dirt texturizing paste and smells really nice. The scent is milky and fresh. Somehow it smelled like the goat’s milk I used to use. Made me wonder if the product I used to use have the same ingredient as this product. Glides easily and smoothes out my skin’s imperfection.

The second full size product is Skinn’s Color Touch Eye – cheek and lip glow. 2 in 1 creme based product and is unscented. The consistency is nice but can come rather a bit sticky. Takes a few tries to get used to for application and blending.

The third full size product is Not Your Mother’s She’s a Tease Volumizing Hairspray. This product is infused with Apple Blossom and Bamboo and smells really nice. Doesn’t leave my hair sticky or weighs my hair down. The scent is nice and fresh and the net weight is 2 oz or 56 g.

The fourth and last full size product is the New York Streets Dry Shampoo. Smells absolutely powdery and fresh and does not leave any sticky residue or feeling even if it is a spray-on product. Truly refreshes hair and absorbs oil as it claims to do. Leaves my hair refreshed like as if it is just like fresh off the shower.


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