Beauty Box Subscription – Ipsy and Beauty Army

Upon deliberation for what seems like a very long time [minutes to be exact], I have finally decided to join the latest hype and subscribed for my very first Beauty Army Beauty Box and an Ipsy Glam Bag. While chit-chatting regarding blog updates with Faith of, I have blurted out a question regarding beauty box subscriptions. I’ve known Faith to be a subscriber for a few brands and so I’ve asked what she think of the products / samples that the company sends. I’ve learned that she’s a loyal subscriber of Ipsy and Birch Box and they both cost $10 a month to subscribe.

With whatever info I have at hand I have decided to check out Ipsy’s website and before I even knew I am already off answering their questionnaire. At first I thought whatever preference you have chosen would really change the contents of the “bag” I will receive, Faith corrected me and said that it’s not really the case. Most often, if there’s even anything that is different it would most likely be just one product. So I’ve decided to stick with Ipsy and not sign up for Birch Box.

ipsy glam bagPIN IT!

Then I’ve searched online for “Beauty Box Subscription” and have found Beauty Army. I’ve checked out a few blogs sharing their hauls and have found out that they allow their subscribers to choose 6 items based on their “preference”. I’ve then made up my mind that my second subscription will be for Beauty Army. Of course I told Faith about them and convinced her to drop Birch Box [oops!] and join Beauty Army.

beauty army boxPIN IT!Beauty Box SubscriptionPIN IT!

We had so much fun choosing and changing our preference to see what product will become available. We kept trying for a few minutes before making our decision. My Beauty Army March kit will be as follow …

My Beauty Army Beauty Box Subscription

Beauty Box SubscriptionPIN IT!

I’m definitely looking forward to receiving my very first box & bag subscription. To top that, I am receiving all these goodies in New York as I will be staying there for more than a month. Just a great way to find new stuff to feature while I’m on my vacation. Have any of you subscribed to companies like Beauty Army and Ipsy? Feel free to share your thoughts. Until next time! xo


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