Best Buy Suite at Mom 2.0 Summit 2019

We’re back once again at Mom 2.0 Summit this year, and the Best Buy Suite is ALWAYS a show stopper! Year after year they never cease to amaze. For a tech enthusiast, it is absolute heaven! For the bloggers (and even brands) that wishes to discover new innovations, it is the go-to spot. Even my husband and little one can’t get enough of all the amazing discoveries they have found. In case you missed the live updates on my twitter, instagram and fb stories … the whole family went to Austin Texas to attend Mom 2.0 Summit … and we had such a blast!

Best Buy Suite at Mom 2.0 Summit

First and foremost of all, the blue shirts are so helpful and knowledgeable! They can recommend which camera is suited for your needs. They even have demos and hands on experience to show how easy it is to share photos from the Canon Camera to your phone using the Connect app.


CanonPIN IT!

The Canon G7x is perfect for parents who’s always on the go and busy keeping up with activities, while the Canon EOS R full-frame camera for taking your photography more seriously, and last but not the least is the Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera that is perfect in size with so many interchangeable lens.

I personally love the Canon EOS R and I am already adding it to my wish list! It is crisp, sharp, and great for all my photography and videography needs! I wish I could take it home right away with me. It is absolutely PERFECT!!!

Canon Printer

Canon PrinterPIN IT!

There’s also an amazing line up of printers for all your printing and sharing needs. I personally print a lot of paperwork for my business, craft sheets for our sons, and so much more! I am just glad I had the opportunity to check out the amazing line of Canon products.

When it comes to staying connected and being able to take perfect shots EVERY SINGLE TIME, the Nokia 9 PureView is the answer. Believe it or not, this beauty is designed with 5 lenses. Forget the blurry shots.

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureViewPIN IT!

Doesn’t it look super sleek and sexy? Definitely a phone to check out and look out for.

If you’re into working out, traveling, or simply loves to listen to music during your leisure time, the Jabra Elite 85h headphones is the perfect addition to your music and entertainment arsenal. The noise-cancelling feature alone is one for the books!

Jabra Elite 85h headphones

Jabra Elite 85h headphonesPIN IT!

Jabra Elite 85h headphonesPIN IT!

Now that you’ve seen tech and gadgets to fall in love with, let’s not forget everyone else in the family! That’s the thing with Best Buy … it is home to tons of family collectibles!

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your DragonPIN IT!

How to Train Your DragonPIN IT!

What’t not to love with dragons? This movie tugs with my heart strings every single time I watch it. Have you seen it yet? What about the classic favorite Toy Story? They have it too!!!

Toy Story

Toy StoryPIN IT!

Toy StoryPIN IT!

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there’s more! I know right? Sounds like those infomercials you see on TV. But there’s just too much to check out at the Best Buy Suite. There’s even a sweets station featuring delicious, mind-blowing, captivating goodies!

hayley cakes and cookies

hayley cakes and cookiesPIN IT!

To wrap up my Best Buy Suite experience? You’re going to be over the moon! Like literally. If you’re like me who’s a big fan of the show Supernatural … you’d be super stoked too! I had the chance to meet Genevieve Padalecki in person who played the role Ruby in the show. In case you’re wondering, she is Jared Padalecki’s (Sam) wife IRL!!! She is an absolute sweetheart and I can’t stop blushing when she complimented my little pink dress. My goshhhhhh … it was super surreal! She also filmed a video with Best Buy while checking out the latest innovations from LG Electronics USA.

Super Natural Star Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve PadaleckiPIN IT!

Seriously, LG is killing it! Those stainless steel is so gorgeous and the feature??? PHENOMENAL!!! Crazy that you can now control these amazing appliances straight from your smartphone or even with your voice. YES, you read that right.

LG MATTE Black Stainless Steel

LG MATTE Black Stainless SteelPIN IT!

LG MATTE Black Stainless SteelPIN IT!

I am soooo in awe of everything. Literally, I would love to have our dream home built and designed after a Best Buy Suite. Did you attend the Mom 2.0 Summit? If you did, how did you like the Best Buy suite? In case you missed it, I hope you get the chance to attend the next one taking place in California in 2020.

Until next post!


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  • Binge on Basics

    I love the Jabra Headphones set. I am a huge fan of headphones and I think these will add to my collection. Have to look out for these.

  • Scott Gombar

    Looks like a lot of fun in the Best Buy Suite. And who doesn’t love tech gadgets?

  • Aki!

    Oh my gosh, this look seriously amazing! So many gorgeous things… That black stainless steel is incredible.

  • Krysten Quiles

    Okay A) Your dress is SO pretty. And B) this is SO COOL! Thanks for sharing the experience!

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    I’m also so in awe of everything! For a tech lover, the mom summit must have been the best. I would love to get the camera and the cakes and cookies. Not to forget, those LG goodies look amazing!

  • Hannah Marie

    That place looks so amazing. I think it’s perfect for family and friends special celebration. You are s beautiful.

  • Samantha

    What a fun time. I just love all of these brands. I want to try so much of this out. We especially need a new washer and dryer.

  • Tara Pittman

    I love the LG washer and dryer set. They would make washing clothes exciting.

  • Nicole Anderson

    Wow, this is so cool! What a great experience. I would love to attend the next one.

  • what corinne did

    This place looks so amazing! and the event sound fantastic too! you must have had a great time!

  • Chad

    The place looks amazing i am so jealous but very happy for you. I’ve never heard of best buy mom summit before, must be a fun event.

  • Amber Myers

    Oh wow, there’s so much to see and do. So much great stuff! I especially love Best Buy and LG. I need a new washer and dryer.

  • Anonymous

    Haley cakes and cookies are amazing. I love photography so the Canon seems to be perfect thing. I will check out Nokia too.

  • Brittany Vantrease

    That looks like a really great time! I’d be so over the moon to be complimented by someone famous.

  • Patricia

    What a treat to have! I almost feel jealous especially those sweet treats

  • Alexandra Cook

    Man that all looks so amazing! I really would have loved to do that!

  • kumamonjeng

    What a fantastic event and I think I would love to get one of the canon camera. I need that when i travel.

  • Cristina Petrini

    How nice to have attended such a beautiful meeting and done so in such a luxurious and design location enjoying unique advantages!

  • Monidipa Dutta

    This is really great. I loved the treats here. And I must say that it truly looks like a lot of fun in the Best Buy Suite

  • Jenny mackenzie

    Wow! This looks like an absolute blast!

  • Melissa Dixon

    I have seen a lot of cool things from LG lately and I am impressed for sure. I love seeing all of the new tech gadgets that are available.

  • Wren

    That looks like such a nice suite! I also love the llama cake, that is so magical. Both my daughter’s and I are going through a llama phase. I also have a Cannon EOS and I love it. I bought it several years ago and still keeps up with the newer models.

  • Claire Lee

    Sounds like a fun summit event! I love tech gadgets!!

  • Jackie

    I have been thinking about getting a new camera! That Canon looks so nice!!

  • Catherine Santiago Jose

    These stuff are awesome, you really know what’s the best thing in life. I love almost everything on the list especially the headphones and the cannon things is what I’ve need in my daily lives.

  • Candace Hampton

    Sounds fantastic! I really like the Canon EOS R. I’ve had my camera for a few years now and I need an upgrade. Btw that’s a lovely dress!

    Candace Hampton

  • Karin

    Wow, this was full of surprises. I never considered this hotel, but it honestly sounds like the perfect place for me and my family. It’s so beautiful

  • Amy

    Oh wow, I love them all! especially Jabra Headphones. It can be very useful for me whenever I had travel. and has a long flight,

  • Karin

    Oh wow, those were a so cool stuff. The Nokia 9 looks really awesome. I need to have that phone!

  • Swathi

    Looks like fun event. My kids will love toy story and How to train the dragon.

  • natalie

    I love the Toy Story 4 products – we are huge fans and can’t wait for the film to be released!

  • siennylovesdrawing

    Thanks for this great sharing, love all the captures shared in here. All so lovely. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  • Alicia B

    I totally plan to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit in 2020. This suite is the best. Looks like you had a blast. Those LG appliance are so sleek!

  • Catherine

    What a fantastic stay! Sounds like you had an incredible experience…I’ve always been a fan of Best Buy!

  • Amber Myers

    Best Buy has the coolest stuff. Whenever I go in the store there’s so much I want to buy.

  • Natalia

    BEST BUY SUITE AT MOM 2.0 SUMMIT 2019 looks like a wonderful event! I’d love to take part in it for sure. It seems that you had a chance to purchase some really good stuff! Love the headphones!

  • Sarah Bailey

    It always seems like Best Buy have great stalls at Mom Summit! What an amazing range of items they have in stock as well!

  • brie

    I’ve been looking to go to best buy to get a vlogging camera. But that printer is super eye catching

  • Haley Bikorimana

    I love those matte black appliances! We are in the market for a new home, and these have been moved for the top of the list. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  • Alvern @ Success Unscrambled

    The Canon cameras and Jabra headphones definitely look interesting. I never knew that people still bought printers for their homes. Those sweets certainly caught me off guard as I am wondering why there are treats in Best Buy. I never heard of the show Supernatural.

  • Rachael

    Oh wow, how dreamy! Just look at all that tech. I’d be all over the Canon section and I know my biggest boy would love all the Toy Story 4 bits. He’s so excited for that to be released!

  • John

    Looked amazing that did. Some of that tech is unreal, the black steel is incredible! I bet you need a large wallet at these events!

  • Sally Akins

    Oh this looks like it would be huge amounts of fun – I love my gadgets! I mainly use my Canon G7x for photos, but I’m thinking of moving back over to a DSLR again

  • nichola - Globalmouse

    Oh wow, so many amazing things. I would love to try out the cameras and I love the look of the printers too. What a great event.

  • Alexandra Cook

    I’ve always wanted to go to this conference! I am so jealous you get to experience it! lol

  • Nadj

    I love the How to Train your dragon and Toy Story section! Those cakes from Hailey looks yummy!

  • David Elliott

    Looks like there are some great products there. I would really love the cameras. I could use some more good ones and good lenses as well. Very nice!

  • NAti

    You get the chance to discover so many wonderful products! thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  • Mommy Sigrid

    What a lovely experience! That dress looks so nice on you. Great that you are so good at applying makeup. That’s one skill I don’t have for events and set ups like these. :d

  • Ewuzie Kingsley

    Wonderful tech you have got there I love the headphone I would really love of have one of these, and also the canon EosR camera is a must get for me.

  • Crystal

    Wow what an amazing event to attend! It looks like there is a product for all moms.