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Safety is always my top priority. Especially now that I have Josiah, I make sure everything is secure and safe. From household items all the way to our home protection. I must admit, I sometimes get quite worried regarding random things. Some would say it’s normal especially when you’re a new mom … but I honestly think it is also because we are often left at home just by ourselves. Ahhh, military life.

As you know, the majority of our family lives far away. There’s too many ”what if’s” and ”did I”. What if someone is trying to break in? Did I lock the door? What if I left the stove open. Did I make sure all appliances are turned off? It’s not like I have my mom or my best friends living around the corner to give me a hand in such short notice. And so I had to figure out a solution, and quick. This is where Blink comes into the picture, home security is done right!



I know most of you are well aware that there are a wide variety of security cameras in the market. There’s always a cheap one and the costly one. The question is, which one is effective, practical and most cost-efficient of all. One thing I can truly relate with every family out there is the fact that we want to make the most out of our buck. I’d rather pay for the quality and get HD videos than to settle with a blurred, grainy recording where I cannot recognize any details at all.

What sold us to entrust our home security with Blink XT is the fact that it named “Amazon’s Choice” as a top seller, which makes it even more trustworthy. Plus the fact that it really does deliver everything that our family needs. With a new baby in our household, it is of absolute importance to make sure we are secured and safe at all times!

Here’s a detailed breakdown Why We LOVE Blink XT!

1. Long battery life
The Blink XT model has a long battery life. It can last up to 2 years with standard use. It can be powered with 2-AA batteries or through a USB cord. Overall it is less maintenance, less effort. As a busy mom, devices like this are very convenient making it an instant MUST HAVE!

2. Motion detector
Let’s talk about reliability, we all need a device that delivers … or we are left with nothing but a paperweight. We can’t have it lagging or even not detecting. Which is why I truly appreciate that this device is thoughtfully designed to give people peace of mind, whenever you’re at home or outside, working or doing whatever you like. Although the Blink XT does not take continuous video footage, it is still reliable because it works as a motion detector. As soon as there’s a motion detected in the covered area, a video will start recording and will alert its user. The camera can record up to 60 second clips!

3. Design
Blink XT is small, lightweight and sleek. You can easily hide it on the corridors or walls. Especially after the fact that it blends well with any aesthetic or décor. They have two colors, black and white. Both would look great in any household, and I honestly love its sleek, classy design.

Blink Home SecurityPIN IT!

4. Price
This is the biggest take away of all … Blink XT is very affordable; in fact, you can have it for as low as $129.99. It literally pays for itself right away. No hidden charges, no monthly fees. Very reliable and cost-efficient. For the conscious shoppers, this is a security camera that is worth investing in.

5. Wireless
Since Blink XT is battery powered, tangled wires is not a problem. Blink XT is completely wireless, so it is easy to position; you can place it almost anywhere. You don’t have to adjust for sockets and rely on them when it comes to placing, so setting it up inside or outside the house is a cakewalk. Let’s not forget you can even tilt it at a certain angle using the mount included in the package.

Blink Home SecurityPIN IT!

Blink Home SecurityPIN IT!

6. Features
Blink XT has an app, where you can have a live view of your home instantly. It’s called Blink app and can be downloaded both on Google Playstore and App Store.

Blink Home Security AppPIN IT!

7. HD Camera
This by far is my personal favorite. The Blink XT can capture a 720p HD footage, giving you clear and bright videos of what is taking place. Details are sharp and crisp, the clarity is unbelievable. Without any doubt, I highly recommend this both as an outdoor and indoor security camera.

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8. Night vision
I was also impressed with its performance during nighttime, as it does not have grainy footage and has a fantastic playback. It is because Blink XT has LED illuminator and is equipped with advanced low-light performance created by Blink‘s proprietary technology.

9. Built-in microphone
Wondering what the word on the street is? Well, the Blink XT has a built-in microphone that will allow you one-way audio access. Not only will you see what is going on around your home, but you will also hear it loud and clear.

10. Privacy assurance
In a world full of technology, it is crucial to have a device that is not prone to malicious actions. This is where Blink XT stands out the most as it is non-hackable and has a hardware-based LED indicator that will give you visual lights to let you know if it is recording or in a Live View mode. Rest assured, you will never be caught off guard by having this in your home.

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Just like those famous infomercials on TV, I have to say … WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! If you’ve been following my blog and social media, you’d know that our family is a big fan of smart devices. That’s because it helps make multitasking so much easier. Automating task and function is as easy as a voice command. Which is why we can’t stress enough how much we love the Blink XT, because it is also Amazon Alexa compatible (i.e., Echo Spot, Echo Show, etc.).

What’s so amazing about it? I can view the camera footage from our Alexa device without having to rely on my smartphone. Especially during those moments where I have my hands full, and I need to check who’s in front of our doorsteps. No need to wrestle my way around with our son, all I have to do is ask Alexa! I can even arm and disarm the system without lifting a finger. Absolutely ahhhh-mazing.

So if you’re in the market for safety, surveillance camera, home security system, or are merely in the market of upgrading your smart home to the next level … I highly recommend checking out Blink XT, and I promise you, you’ll love it as much as we do!

PS: With the holidays coming up in a few months, this would make a great stocking stuffer!

This post was sponsored by Blink. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are as always, solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support AngelaRicardo.com

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