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I have partnered with Convenient Care Now by Hackensack University Health Network. Opinion stated on this post is all mine.

Hello loves!~ As I have shared multiple times in the past, the military life can be challenging. Especially with time constraint. Things are fast-paced. Either you learn to adapt or the crazy schedule will run you over. I had to learn things the hard way. Given that my immediate family are way too far from us. Which is why my blog became an outlet for everything — and it’s always been my pleasure to share about my finds and some tips to improve lifestyle.

My most recent discovery is about Convenient Care Now … and if you’re from New Jersey, this post is perfect for you!

According to research and studies, one of the main reasons why the majority avoid seeing their doctors is the inconvenience. The waiting time to endure, the travel to make and the fee we have to pay to see a doctor is quite becoming too much nowadays.

With the kind of world, we live in today, every hour and penny spent in the doctor’s office is extremely precious. I am sure we can all agree that it is very important not to waste time. This is what prompted Hackensack University Health Network, the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient services in New Jersey, to take healthcare further than ever before by creating Convenient Care Now – That means no more traffic or waiting rooms. Much less, rescheduling!

Convenient Care Now brings healthcare home and connects users with board certified licensed doctors, psychologists, and even dieticians. On average, most doctors in the network have about 15 years experience in practice. The system matches the patient’s profile with the doctor that fits their needs. This highly advanced healthcare program provides immediate and live, online visits any time of the day, wherever you are. You can use your smartphone, tablet, and even your personal computer to access their service.

I tested the Convenient Care Now system and I am very impressed with it. After just a few clicks and minutes of filling up the necessary details and personal info, I was able to talk with a licensed doctor immediately. The whole process only took me few minutes and fortunately, the uneasy feeling I am experiencing is nothing serious according to her analysis. 😉 With all honesty, I am always feeling something. I used to search google for everything. I would literally type in how I feel … and scare myself to death for practically relating my symptoms to anything I can find. Now I don’t have to. Because I can see a doctor right away from the comfort and convenience of our own home.

Convenient Care NowPIN IT!

Based on my personal experience, Convenient Care Now could beat the traditional doctor check-ups and appointments in the following categories.

    Accessibility – although doctors are available 24-7 in hospitals, there are times that the patients cannot simply visit them especially in the middle of the night. Convenient Care Now is the best option for people who do not feel well enough to drive or travel and for people who do not have an available vehicle or means of transportation.
    Time – no more waiting for the long queue of people. The system provides you almost instant access to a doctor who fits your needs and assess your condition.
    CostConvenient Care Now is much more cost effective than the traditional doctor appointments and visits. The difference is almost 40% making it a much better choice for people looking for cost-effective yet efficient healthcare.

To top that, the service is very user friendly — even on a mobile device. I am using an iPhone device and from personal experience, everything loads smoothly with no problems. I love the accessibility and the ability to talk to my doctor any time. No matter where I am.

Convenient Care NowPIN IT!

Convenient Care Now can surely help to provide the healthcare we all deserve—minus the inconvenience traditional check-ups or doctor appointments usually bring. Their healthcare providers can attend to minor illnesses, injuries, general health and wellness concerns as well as chronic condition management. Their team of doctors can diagnose, prescribe medication and even suggest follow-up when needed. With this one of a kind telehealth program, you can save money and time while getting quality health care assistance online.

If you are living in or around New Jersey and you wanted to try Convenient Care Now health service, use the code CARENOW6 to get their full service FREE!

Offer currently limited to New Jersey residents


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  • John Milnes

    This is really amazing! This kind of healthcare program can surely help a lot of people. Hope that they can offer Convenient Care Now at other parts of the world pretty soon!

  • NP StressedMum

    Convenient Care Now is such an awesome healthcare program. Been hearing lots of POSITIVE FEEDBACK about them. What a TECHIE way to get your health check anytime, anywhere you want.

  • Sarah

    I would love to try this convenient healthcare app or program pretty soon. Hopefully, this can truly solve my problem when it comes to setting up doctors’ appointments.

  • Jamie

    This sounds like a really great program. A better alternative to traditional doctor appointments and checkups. Glad that they are available 24/7!

  • Heather Lawrence

    Thanks for letting me know about this Convenient Care Now program, Angela! With the busy lives we all are living in (specially if you have kids), this can be really helpful. We can now get the healthcare we deserve wherever we go!

  • Ricci

    This is HUGE! What a great leap in terms of giving the HEALTHCARE that people deserves. KUDOS to Hackensack University Health Network for creating such online health app or program.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    No more traffic jams, waiting in lines and rescheduling! Thanks for sharing this program. I will share your post with my relatives in New Jersey so they can test and check it out for me.

  • Vera Sweeney

    Such a very convenient way to get your health check anytime and anywhere you want. Could be really helpful and useful for busy moms and dads who sometimes, doesn’t have any free time to get their health check by doctors and professionals.

  • Sally

    Great that this kind of medical system or program works for you. I am still hesitant about using this one as I think that seeing the doctor personally is way better, but I am willing to try Convenient Care Now program soon.

  • Hannah

    Thank you for sharing the coupon code so we can try Convenient Care Now free of charge! I will surely let my friends and family living in NJ know about this online healthcare program. I will give them the coupon code too!

  • Mardene

    What a timely read for me! I will use your coupon code to get professional medical help from Convenient Care Now soon. Hope that they can really help me out.

  • Louise

    No more excuses in getting your health check! Now, you can get the proper healthcare anytime you need it, wherever you are!

  • Cátia Santos

    This is actually my first time to hear about this kind of online healthcare program. Convenient Care Now sounds like a really cool and convenient way to get your health check. Amazing!

  • Angela P.

    Who would have thought that the time will come when even doctor appointments can be done online! Very convenient and can surely help save lots of precious time (and money of course).

  • Lindy Hamilton

    Sooner or later, this kind of healthcare application will be felt by the world. Great convenience for sure. I love the goal behind putting this program.

  • Tina Mansfield

    Savings? Check! Convenience? Check! Available 24-7? Check! – With these kind of features, Convenient Care Now will surely become one of the sought after app/program when it comes to healthcare and such! Amazing indeed!