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Furniture rental is something you might not have thought about before. You might not have even heard of it before. Even if you’ve never thought or heard of furniture rental, I’m here to tell you that it’s a wonderful concept. I love home decorating. There is no greater excitement for me than when one of my furniture pieces gets old and has to be replaced. It’s the best!

Furniture Rental with CORT

Furniture rental isn’t a long-term home decor option. Rather, it’s a way to fill the empty space in your home while you make your way through life’s transitions. Whether you’re moving and don’t want to take your old furniture with you, buying your first home, or like me who’s shopping for new furniture. Furniture rental helps ensure that your home continues to look like a home while you shop for your perfect forever pieces.

CORT Furniture RentalPIN IT!

CORT Furniture Rental is a Berkshire Hathaway Company that leads in helping people keep their homes looking and feeling like a home while they look for their perfect furniture pieces. Their service is what makes them the leader in furniture rental, but it doesn’t just stop there. They also offer services and solutions for individuals facing life’s transitions as well as companies looking to make changes to their workplace or showcasing their company in a unique way.

Their family of trained professionals can help you find a place to live, navigate your new area, and THEN furnish your place for any length of time. They do everything they can to make your life easier like offering the convenience of furniture on-demand that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t, no hassle of living in a home without furniture, and move-in-ready packages that allow you to fully decorate your home until your forever pieces arrive.

Furniture Rental Opens Up New Possibilities

A while back, I began redecorating my home office. My chair was awful, and my desk was just not cutting it. I needed a change. However, I also needed a place to sit and work while I looked for my perfect pieces. This is where CORT would have been a life saver for me. If only I had known about it then! =( Rather than using their convenient services, I had to endure my played out unsightly desk and super uncomfortable chair. If I had known about CORT, I could have ditched those awful pieces and used their furniture rental services to be comfy and stylish.

Cort Furniture RentalPIN IT!

Cort Furniture RentalPIN IT!

As a blogger, it is essential to have a home office that makes me feel comfortable yet inspire me to do my best. Well, I know now, and I’ll be using CORT the next time I need to redecorate, move, or make any major change like that.

CORT makes life simple for anyone going through a major transition that requires redecorating. Whether you’re a business looking to spruce things up or an individual or family relocating or just redecorating, rent furniture and services from CORT can make your life so much easier. Now that I know, they’ll certainly be my go-to from now on!

rent furniture and services from CORT can make your life so much easier. Now that I know, they’ll certainly be my go-to from now on!

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