Anything I share or post on this blog are of my own thoughts and are not intended to offend or upset in any way. I share my unbiased opinion and straight forward thoughts on things that I find interesting whether it be for fashion, beauty, trends or life as I know it. Please don’t get offended if I don’t have the same opinion that you can agree with, (e.g.; if I say I don’t like Ugg Boots at all or profess how much I love shoes like JC Litas) we all have different preference so I would highly appreciate it if you can respect my honest point of view.

The majority of the products I share on this blog are items I have purchased myself with my own money. As a “perk” of being a Fashion & Beauty Blogger from time to time I am offered free items in exchange for product review or banner placement. However, I am not in any way required to write in favor of the product and I am very selective when it comes to accepting free items. I make it to a point that I have personally agreed to accept the product[s] for my review.

I am a full time blogger and I personally manage all my blogs on my own. My blog does contain commercial advertising but I make it t a point that it is not intrusive in any way. I am affiliated with direct advertisers who needs help promoting their brand or website in exchange of fair compensation. To avoid any confusion all Sponsored Post and Guest Articles are clearly stated and marked as either Sponsored, Advertorial or stated with the name of the Guest Writer. Overall, I do not accept guest posts from brands with the sole aim of SEO.

Overall, I would never accept money to attend an event or speak positively of a product unless I truly believed in it.