Football Party Ideas to Kick Off the Season

Football season is back … and you can bet my hubby is hogging the remote. Thankfully, we now have a dedicated entertainment room, or I’d be shrugging my shoulders all night long. That’s right, my husband is a self-confessed sports fanatic. He stays up to date with everything that relates to sports. Best believe, whenever Football or College Basketball is back in season, you’d rarely see him check out anything else.

Obviously, watching it live is exciting, but it’s even better if you are watching it with the whole family or squad. Some people prefer to tailgate or what is often referred to as “Tailgating”. Simply put, it’s a “football party” hosted in one’s home. For those of you who are planning to do so, here are some tips on how you can kick off the football season up a notch!

10 Things You Can Do to Have The Best Football Party

1. Create football themed invitations
Start by making football themed invites. Since we now have a growing little boy, I came up with this quirky idea of creating DIY cards. Perfect for those of you who have kids and have time to mail this out to your prospective visitors. This in return will act as a souvenir too! I figured my son would truly enjoy looking back at his first few “tailgating party” with his dad.
Or if you want a hassle-free invite, you can opt to create your personalized online invitation cards and send it that way too!

2. Pick your team
Create flags, logos, and emblems of the team. Let your visitor choose which team they will be rooting for. Cheer your team and have fun defending your side. You can also set a dress code for each team and put it on the invite so your guest can choose what they are wearing at the party.

3. Decorate your tables and foods
To achieve the football vibes, decorate your tables with football-inspired themes. You can use tablecloths that look like yard lines and other football stuff that you can buy at a local craft store. You can also add football-shaped food labels and striped napkins.

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4. Create a football inspired section
What’s a party without a way to remember it by? Take it to the next level by creating a backdrop or DIY photobooth. An excellent idea for this can be a life-sized cutout of football stars or a banner of the team who is playing. For the photo booth, you can add football inspired props like flags, helmets, etc.
Major Plus: create the cut out props with your kids!

5. Prepare extra activities
Interact with your guest by preparing extra activities like fun outdoor games. You can do this during halftime or after the game. Make sure you have games for the kids and games for adults too. Adding this to your party will give you more memories to treasure and great bonding for everyone also.

6. Serve Beef Chili, Pizza Rolls, and Buffalo Wings
You can never go wrong with the classics. These three are the most requested foods during football parties or when attending football games. Having this in your table will make your guest happy while watching the game.

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7. Add a variety of Chips and Dip
The football game isn’t complete without chips too! Prepare a wide range of dips and have plenty of chips on hand to make sure you’ll have enough for everyone. Some flavors that are loved by many are buffalo chicken, cheese, beef chili, Mexican, and spinach.

8. Hang football banners
Complete the football vibes by hanging banners all over the place. You can print the teams that are playing and some welcome banners. With this, it will help your guests to find the venue easily.

9. Level up the viewing experience
The key to a successful football party is having a great view of the match. If you are inviting a large number of viewers, then make sure everyone has a great spot to enjoy the experience. To make this happen, you can either set up multiple screens playing in sync OR in case you have a bit wiggle in your budget, upgrading to a projection screen is a much better idea.

Check out my post “DIY Home Theatre with Epson Home Cinema 4010

10. Fill the room with sound
Go above and beyond! Take the viewing experience to the next level by adding exceptional sound. Trust me, nothing ruins a party faster than a lousy sound system. I highly recommend the new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars. You bet that this would deliver! Here’s the thing, the Bose Home, Soundbar and Bass Module offers an unmatched combination of sophisticated design and exceptional sound. To top it all, the control goes way beyond voice. That’s because it is equipped with one-touch access to control your music or manage everything from the Bose Music app.

Just like any other connected device that OUR family LOVES …. this also has a built-in voice control from Amazon Alexa. Making it much easier to stream whatever you want, however you want –WIRELESSLY!

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These are only a few of my favorite football party ideas. I hope you liked it and found it helpful for your next football party. If you have any party ideas, comment it below. I would love to try yours too!

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  • Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    I am not a big football fan but this looks like a fun party! Having lots of snacks and extra games to play would make a football party more bearable for me 😛

  • Sybil L Grubbs

    I love your party tips! They could easily be applied to any theme. The environment is critical in creating a great party atmosphere, so decorations and great food is a must.

  • robin rue

    We tailgate at home every Pats game. Nachos and other yummy snacks are a must-have.

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    That sounds bar looks pretty awesome! I love the idea of getting that level of sound quality without the traditional 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set up.

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    I love football season! It is the best time of year for yummy foods and action!

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    This looks like it would be a fun (and yummy) party 🙂

    Dani x

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