Baby’s Fourth Trimester: Helping Your Baby Make a Peaceful Transition from Womb to World

We all know that pregnancy has three trimesters. But have you ever thought of the fourth trimester? If you’re thinking if this is another stage of pregnancy … it’s not, so don’t start panicking now. The fourth trimester is the next stage when your baby is outside your womb. With you and your baby in the adjustment period, it is understandable that there are so many questions. Like you and everyone else, I had my worries. So I totally understand if you are afraid. Afraid you might hurt your precious bundle of joy. Afraid you might fail as a mom. Afraid of all the expectations that you can’t meet. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. It is normal to worry because we care.

Pressure from Society
Aside from the anxiety, you will feel pressured too. You are compelled to almost everything. From having a healthy baby to becoming a perfect mom. It’s always in your mind. It is bothering you. Not to mention the lack of sleep as well as rest that will give you another reason to feel stressed.

Breathe and Take it Slow
The fourth trimester is the struggle of you being a mom. On how to adopt the changes. On how to go back to your usual self. But little did you know, you are forgetting something important … That you have to slow down. To recover. To enjoy your baby.

Embrace the Journey
There are ways on how to survive the fourth trimester. There are products that can help you and your baby to cope up with the fourth trimester. As a new mom, I personally know how it feels. I know how hard it is. I did my own research. I read a lot. I tried a lot. It’s a process, and you don’t have to be in a hurry.

Here are some of the products I used to survive the fourth trimester. I hope it could help you too!

Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum

It is the time when I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t have the time to look good. My skin looks pale. Not until I used Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum. It is clinically proven to brighten and firm the skin in just ten days. I might have sleepless nights, but my skin still glows. It used to be a secret, but not anymore!

Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C SerumPIN IT!

Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C SerumPIN IT!

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Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush and Smoothie Soothers Fruit Teether

Teething is one of the hardest time of the baby. Josiah started teething when he was three months, and I must say it’s his fussiest days. What helps me to ease his pain is by using Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush and Smoothie Soothers Fruit Teether. It’s reliable, and my son loves it.

Baby Banana Infant ToothbrushPIN IT!

Baby Banana Infant ToothbrushPIN IT!

Smoothie Soothers Fruit TeetherPIN IT!

Baby b’gosh Baby and Toddler Clothing

Proper clothing is also essential for babies. When it comes to choosing the right brand, my top priority is comfortability. If my baby is comfortable wearing it, then I am happy and satisfied. For Josiah, my preferred brand is OshKosh. They have the best OOTDs and fashion for babies and kids. Aside from that, they have soft and cotton fabric too. My baby is comfortable wearing it all throughout the day.

OshKosh B’goshPIN IT!

Get Baby b’gosh here » and use the promo code ❝ in store code: 038223 or online code OKBG3550 ❞ to get 20% off purchase of $40+ Valid through September 30, 2018.

Playtex Nursing Bra & Maternity Panty

Not only should the baby be comfortable. You have to be comfortable too! If you’re breastfeeding, you breastfeed your baby multiple times a day, and taking on and off your bra is a hassle. What I do is use the Playtex nursing bra, and everything works like a charm. It’s convenient and comfy. Best for breastfeeding moms like me. I also recommend Playtex maternity panty. Unlike regular panties, Playtex maternity panty perfectly fits us, mommies. Overall, I love and highly recommend Playtex!

Playtex Nursing Bra & Maternity PantyPIN IT!

Playtex Nursing BraPIN IT!

Playtex Nursing BraPIN IT!

Playtex Nursing BraPIN IT!

Apple Park Hooded Owl Towel and Apple Park Patterned Owl Rattle

Apple Park Hooded Owl Towel and Apple Park Patterned Owl Rattle are both 100% organic. Josiah loves his Apple Park hooded infant towel as it is perfect for his size and is made with soft and absorbent cotton terry. He loves to play with his Apple Park organic cotton rattle too. It is easy to grip and perfectly safe. Playing with his owl rattle makes his day brighter and joyful.

Apple Park Hooded Owl TowelPIN IT!

Apple Park Hooded Owl TowelPIN IT!

Get Apple Park goodies here » and use the promo code ❝ BB20 ❞ to get 20% off.

Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads, Nursing Shawl, and Boobease 100% Organic Nipple Balm

Breastfeeding is hard. It hurts. But we don’t have any choice but to endure the sweet pain. Good thing, there are products like Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads, Nursing Shawl, and Boobease 100% Organic Nipple Balm that helps you ease the pain of breastfeeding. Bamboobies reusable nursing pads are made with ultra-soft bamboo rayon velour. It is soothing and absorbent, and milk leaks are not possible! To complete the soothing feeling, I use Boobease organic nipple balm. It is effective in easing the pain. And last but definitely not the least, Bamboobies nursing shawl is helpful especially when breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is convenient anywhere, anytime with Bamboobies!

BamboobiesPIN IT!

BamboobiesPIN IT!

Get Bamboobies here » and use the promo code ❝ BABY20 ❞ to get free shipping.

Womb to World Survival Goodies

fourth trimester must-havesPIN IT!

The fourth trimester literally drove me bunkers, but I survived with the help of these products and most especially with the support of my family and friends (even if it means just talking to them about what I am going through). And I am sure you will too! Having a baby is hard, but it’s the happiest time of being a mom. Treasure it. Enjoy the moment. Have fun. Just know that you are NOT and NEVER alone. You can do it Mama!

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    These all look like wonderful gifts for a new mummy and her little one! I use a similar vitamin C serum for stretch marks I have from a growth spurt I had.

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    WOW just WOW … this is absolutely informative for Fourth Trimester. I honestly did not know. I honestly thought 4th Trimester is when your child is ready to walk and go to school and by the looks of it, it starts earlier than that. The products and detail is very helpful and I think the journey will be much easier for every mom and their child if they follow along these pointers! Thank you.

  • robin rue

    When my kids were teething I gave them a frozen wetcloth to chew on. My mom used it on me and my siblings and my boys loved it, too.

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    The “fourth trimester” right after baby is born is the hardest. It’s so weird transitioning from growing a baby to actually being responsible for the care and keeping of one.

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